Play all of the latest fishing games at BP77 CASINO Malaysia

If you enjoy playing games online then chances are you would enjoy playing online fishing games too. Online fishing games are not just about the excitement and the entertainment, it is also a type of casino games where players can win real cash just by playing.Some of the latest fishing games can be played online at the BP77 online fishing game casino, supported by big names such as Big Gaming, Joker, Spade Gaming and more. 


Play Cai Shen fishing game at BP77 casino Malaysia

The newest online fishing game casino in Asia, including Malaysia and Singapore,  is one of exquisite quality that lets players gain points in big multiples, this game is known as Cai Shen Fishing game and in it players will get to experience the thrill of turning their luck into real hard cash by fishing with the God of Wealth himself. Exploration and traveling around the ocean to discover rare sea creatures and even mythical dragons play a huge part in the Cai Shen Fishing game which is available to be played at BP77 casino Malaysia. If you are a member at BP77 casino Malaysia, playing the Cai Shen fishing game for free there would be your best bet  to win one of two hundred different fortunate gifts, prizes, and more. The Cai Shen Fishing game is an online casino fan’s one way ticket to prosperity. 


Fishing game with the God of Fortune and Wealth 


Cai Shen is known as the common name for the Chinese God of Wealth in Chinese culture. This famous Chinese God has multiple Chinese New Year songs dedicated to him alone and he is the inspiration for this online fishing game. Fans of the Cai Shen fishing game would also be fans of success and wealth, since the Cai Shen figure is actually a symbol for both. The Cai Shen fishing game available to be played at BP77 casino Malaysia is developed and offered by JDB fishing. A lot of other JDB fishing game titles are also available to be played at this reputable Malaysia online casino.  Like the other JDB fishing games, this one offers players the option of playing in one of three different online “rooms”—the “Newbie,” “Expert,” or “Cai Shen” rooms—which has helped attract a large player base.


Extra rewards by playing Cai Shen fishing game at BP77 casino Malaysia

In addition, players may win extra rewards in-game by shooting down fish with their guns. Those who keep an eye out for the Cai Shen Fa Fa Fa insignia have a chance at the 1000X lucky grand prize and the red envelope lottery. You’ll be able to play the bonus round if you spin the wheel of fate and get picked. Depending on where you try your luck, you can gain as much as 200 times your initial investment. In addition, to improve the multitasking and online gaming experience, if the Cai Shen emerges, all players must work together to earn the fortunate bonus by hitting as much as possible to have the chance to win 100X to 300X. If players are lucky enough to engage Fortune Bazooka mode, they will receive 10 times their initial win plus 20 to 100 free shots. You’ve earned enough money to play Fortune Bazooka one again. 

Paradise Fishing game at BP77 casino Malaysia 

CQ9 Fishing Games are among the site’s most popular offerings. Paradise Fishing game has remained as BP77’s top 10 most popular online fishing game to date, in this game all players  may use the numerous tools at your disposal, including firearms, nets, and more, to secure your largest catch. Possessing a wide variety of skills and talents enriches your adventure. Fishing game Paradise by CQ9 is designed to help you unwind. Controls are simple to pick up and the fish are adaptable, so gamers will have the chance of a lifetime. The largest catch of your life is just a few clicks away.


Paradise fishing game gameplay and other features

Because of the length of time required to play, it is important to have a substantial amount of money in your account before beginning a fishing game. To start playing Paradise Fishing game by CQ9 at BP77 casino Malaysia first you should sign up for an account with BP77 casino and then head to their online fishing game sectional, from there, select CQ9 and then browse the list of online fishing games available to find Paradise fishing game. You’ll then be sent to a menu where you may pick the map you wish to play on. Although there are some minor distinctions, they are largely the same games! Only the stakes and the distribution of prizes are different. 


Paradise fishing game features

The most appealing feature that can be found at Paradise fishing game at BP77 casino Malaysia is the fact that players will get to receive raining free bullets when they trigger the right multiplier and bonus rounds while playing this game. Up to a thousand free bullets can be earned at special rounds in Paradise fishing game. Also, if the fire follows the same direction as the fish, the fish will be captured and detonated in the ocean, giving you a free strike with the special weapon Mega Drill.


Fishing game strategies at BP77 casino Malaysia

Players are all advised to keep track of their  remaining balance when they are playing online fishing at BP77 casino Malaysia., Your gun’s bet size (which is based on your shot strength), and any special talents you may have acquired from fish treasure are also important elements to take note of the next time you immerse yourself in one of BP77’s online fishing games. Last but not least, before you go out and start to shoot fish and earn real cash as a newcomer in fishing games, make sure to read up on the various reward tiers so as to know which target to always prioritize and maximize your earnings. 

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