Raising the Stakes thoughtfully, the Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette for Arab Players

The game of roulette is a classic one and has been around for quite some time; with the invention of the internet, it has gone on to be very popular around the world and recently in the United Arab Emirates too. This article is a guide to online roulette in UAE. To get more info on online roulette for Arab Players, continue reading this.

Online Roulette in UAE

Roulette is a French game that was invented in the 17th century. In the past, the game was played a little differently from what we have today as roulette, and this is because of the different variations the game has undergone from the 17th century to the 20th century, hence the rebranding of roulette to what it is today.

The roulette wheel is the core of the game because it determines the outcome of each round. The two major types of roulette are the American roulette and the European roulette. These games have different wheels and unique number sequences. While the American roulette wheel is divided into 38 pockets with a double zero (00) and a single zero (0), the European wheel is divided into 37 pockets but with a single zero (0).  Roulette is played by placing bets on colors or numbers. The live dealer then spins the roulette wheel in one direction and a spin ball in the opposite direction; as the ball slows down, it falls into any of the numbered or colored pockets, and if any player bets on the number or color, he or she wins.

Roulette enthusiasts can play online roulette games in UAE, but players should ensure that they make use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNS) apps to access online casinos because gambling is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, and Offenders will be strictly prosecuted according to the Sharia laws and Penal codes of the United Arab Emirates. Recently, Evolution Gaming has developed another version of roulette called Arabian Roulette, and it has become very popular in online casinos. Arabian Roulette has a typical Arabian design, and it has direct distributors from the Middle East who are professionals and are well-versed in Arabian civilization. The Arabian Roulette is made up of numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero (0).

You can play online roulette in UAE real money by visiting any of the following online casinos.

  • YYY Casino: The YYY Casino is an online casino that is popular in Abu Dhabi and the whole of the United Arab Emirates. This online casino is a great site for enthusiasts of online roulette in UAE. The YYY casino accepts payment via web wallets, debit or credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and many others. The site also offers a 100% bonus of up to $2,200 on a player’s very first deposit. For convenience, the site has English and Arabic as supported languages, and it also has mobile apps for players to download and use.
  • Haz Casino: Haz Casino is one name that pops up when mentioning the best roulette sites United Arab Emirates. The Haz casino has different types of roulette games, including European and American variations. The site offers up to $ 1000 plus 125 free spins to its new players on their first deposit. The site is also available in Arabic and English language. It also offers bonuses to its players and a great V.I.P. program for the most loyal players.
  • 22Bet: The 22Bet is a must-go-to online casino for all lovers of online roulette in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The site has top-quality games that range from; roulette to baccarat, blackjack, crap, Keno, and many others. This online casino started operating in 2018 and has been consistent in providing the best gaming experience for players. The deposit methods on the site include the following: Ecopayz, Paysafe cards, Visa cards, Neteller, Maestro, and Bank wire transfers.


The game of roulette is becoming a much-loved game in the gambling market, and in the United Arab Emirates, this article has provided key info on online roulette in UAE, and we hope these pointers will help you have a very pleasant gaming experience, so do remember to use Virtual Private Network apps and ensure you play responsibly!

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