Shirts for Every Occasion – 5 Must-Haves in a Woman’s Wardrobe


A shirt is a wonderful piece of clothing donned by both genders. It also has a peculiar quality about it; you can wear a shirt for the most formal and the most casual occasions. Shirts only indicate the immense explorations and upgrades in fashion (and technology) and its resultant impact on this seemingly simple apparel over the years. When it comes to tracing the relationship between shirts and women, it can be safe to say that Garibaldi shirts are on one end of the spectrum. And on the other end, there are various types of women’s shirts at Oxford Shop or similar shops. With such an abundance of variety, features, and fabrics, you can step out every time in a different shirt and still not be over it. One of the reasons for this is that while shirts provide ample room for accessorizing, you can still feel entirely dressed by simply pairing a shirt and trousers/jeans!


Here are some kinds of shirts that can ensure that you’re ready for any and every occasion:


  1. Formal Button-Down Shirt

A button-down shirt is a must-have for every woman. Be it a formal meeting, an interview or an upcoming work seminar, you can don a formal shirt and simply walk in, and your formal shirt will do its thing. You can also opt for mandarin collar shirts that have become synonymous with formal today. A crisp, neatly ironed formal shirt can never go wrong and hence must be in your closet.


  1. Summer Shirt

If you need to step out urgently to buy an essential from the store, lounge away on the weekend or step out with your pal for a quick ice-cream post-dinner, simply slip into a summer shirt and half your work is done! Summer shirts are available in long and short sleeve variants along with a variety of fabrics. While nothing beats the comfort of a pure cotton summer shirt, what matters is that you have this one piece of relaxed fit and comfortable clothing.


  1. Lace Shirt

Lace shirts are usually available in subtle colors because the intricate lacework is the highlight of this fabric. Hence, they let out a regal and elegant vibe. And this makes it an ideal choice to opt for social gatherings, an evening date, visiting or catching up with friends and relatives or even for your own home party.


  1. Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are a hit and for all the right reasons. If there’s one perfect piece of in-between clothing, an absolute go-to on a confusing day, it has to be a flannel shirt! Flannel shirts are also available in hoodie variants, thereby making them your favorite winter or post-gym apparel. You can also pair your flannel shirt with a tank or crop top for a casual look.


  1. Chiffon Shirt

Your wardrobe cannot be complete without a lovely chiffon shirt. Chiffon shirts are available in innumerable prints and styles. From gorgeous floral prints to bow neck chiffon shirts, there is a chiffon shirt for every occasion! You can check out the women’s shirts at Oxford Shop or similar places to find a range of chiffon shirts in quirky prints, among many other variants.


While overall variety in your wardrobe is something you may enjoy, owning a variety of shirts by themselves will ensure that you have something to wear for every occasion. You’ve only got to accessorise suitably, and you’re ready to roll without much hassle. Easy to carry, relatively comfortable and brimming with a plethora of options, it’s time you embrace shirts and make them an essential in your wardrobe.


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