Text SMS is the new marketing


Short Message Service (SMS) is the latest trends of communications sales, business promotions, and all other information to the customers. You need to implement an SMS API for this.

This type of marketing strategy helps in building brand awareness. However, customers need to opt for the messaging services before they start sending texts to them.

You have the option to send messages in bulk to a targeted group. The bulk SMS API supports this very well. Also, you can customize by sending individual or customized messages using SMS API.

This also helps you in bypassing other marketing noise like email marketing campaigns, social media ads, etc.

Text SMS Marketing-How does it work

Text Message or Short Message Service marketing depends on a database. This database has details like the name, mobile numbers of your customers which can be done by SMS API.

Also, some other information like the geographic location, customer interests, and categories, etc., helps you to track the sales process via the SMS API.

With SMS marketing you have the scope to get very specific and meet your customers to where they are in real-time. You get the scope to communicate your marketing messages to a fixed audience.

You are also able to encourage more meaningful connections with your customers. You also get the scope to make fruitful interactions with the qualified leads available.

Again, Short Message Service (SMS) is not appropriate for all the existing marketing scenarios. As advised by Yoni Ben-Yehuda, the Business Head at Material Good, that marketer should use SMS marketing as a secondary message as well.

This is like sending messages related to the delivery status. It is similar to the working of an app that is activated after a user downloads an app or program message. Thus, SMS marketing is only effective for the brands that have that targeted audience who prefers this above mode of communication.


Who controls SMS text marketing?

The governing bodies and the regulations that control SMS text marketing are as follows:

  • The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association furnishes guidelines and helpful tips on SMS marketing. Also, you find the guidelines may be different from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

  • The Federal Communications Commission

If you are thinking of launching SMS marketing you must be aware of the policies and guidelines of The Federal Communications Commission. Federal Communications (FCC) is very strict with its guidelines on customer consent text message transmission.

The most important part to follow is that SMS marketing is not anything that you build up on a whim and end up in spamming.

  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) shields consumers from mass SMS. TCPA is very specific about how and when you can send bulk text messages. TCPA also emphasizes a written consent from each and every individual customer.

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In Conclusion:

An SMS is regarded as a very personal mode of communication in regard to email. And if you are contacting any new user who has not heard about your brand there are fair chances that you will be marked as spam.

So it is very important that your brand is present there already with your targeted customers. Also, make sure they are aware of all the products and related services you have to offer. At this stage contacting your customers through SMS API and carrying out your marketing skills will act as an effective one.

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