The anniversary goal in Lionel Messi’s career

Lionel Messi is one of the best players in the history of soccer. He is mainly known to fans for his performances with “Barcelona” and “PSG”. By the way, perform 1xBet লগইন to follow the matches involving these teams and make money on them.

In 2023, after winning the World Cup, Messi continued to set new records. In particular, he scored his 700th goal at club level in February. It happened in the match against “Marseille”. By the way, complete লগইন in your account on the 1xBet platform to place your bets on the matches involving this club.

So, “PSG” confidently defeated “Marseille” with a score of 3-0 in that match. Messi not only managed to score, but also gave two assists. It is the best proof of the important role Lionel played in the tactical construction of the team.

Messi scored 672 of his 700 goals at club level for “Barcelona” and another 28 for “PSG”. Even though his adaptation at the French club was initially quite problematic, the Argentine gradually got used to it and began to fully demonstrate his class. As a result, Lionel managed to win several trophies with “PSG”.

The main strong qualities of the Argentine

Messi is a soccer player who has almost no weaknesses. Despite the fact that he was already 35 when he set a new achievement, Lionel continued to show his class. It helped “PSG” a lot. By the way, it is easy to earn money on matches involving this team in a reliable office. If you know 1xBet প্রোমো কোড কি, you should definitely specify it and it will give you a decent reward. It is easy to convert it, including in new bets on matches with the French club.

As for Messi, his main strengths are the following:

  1. A classy and well-positioned shot. The Argentine’s “shots” are powerful and dense. As such, they often reach the desired result.
  2. The speed of decision-making on the field. In some cases, the player needed just one second to assess the situation and choose the most efficient option to launch an attack. It often helped his team.
  3. Excellent technique. Thanks to his dribbling, Lionel easily passed one opponent after another. It allowed him to get to the optimal position for the attack. Messi’s actions on the field were sharp and unpredictable for opponents.

The footballer did not lose his passion for the game at “PSG”. So, even after winning almost all the possible trophies, he continued to regularly give his best on the field. 

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