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The Best Packaging for Your New Startup

by Sonal
The Best Packaging for Your New Startup

Now that online businesses are thriving, it is definitely possible that you already have competitors as soon as you start a new one. Aside from the quality of your product, there’s another thing that can set you apart from them: Packaging.

How your products are packed is a reflection of what your brand is. Keeping in mind that these items would be shipped to different places and many things could happen along the way, there are lots of factors to consider. A generously packaged item would surely satisfy a customer right off the bat.

Choosing the Right Packaging 

Packing items can be really exciting especially if you are new to the business. Before doing so, you should first choose a type of packaging that would suit your type of business.

For instance, corrugated boxes are the most commonly used type of eCommerce ready packaging since they are lightweight but sturdy and have many sizes and variations, so you can easily find one that would work for your items. If yours are fragile, you can label the box with a fragile sticker.

If you sell products that are small but delicate such as handcrafted goods, electronics, or jewelry, you can use padded mailers. This way, you can add recyclable paper (economic packaging is the best!), bubble wraps, or any fillers for added protection.

Suppose you sell light but not fragile items, you can just opt for bags or envelopes. They won’t add weight or bulkiness to your goods and are self-sealing, so they are secured enough. These are also easily customizable, and many manufacturers are now offering eco-friendly materials for these bags.

Customize your way to a Successful Startup

The first three options mentioned above are all good and serves their purpose, but there is a way to further satisfy your buyer even before using your product, which is custom packaging. With this, you might even get repeat customers!

In thinking of the design, you should first think about the following:

  • Your branding: mission, vision, values, and how you want to be perceived
  • Your target market
  • The type of products you sell and your shipping process
  • Your storage facility/environment
  • Your budget

Customizing your packaging makes your items seem personalized specifically for each of your customers, so they feel more valued. It would give them the impression that you always keep their satisfaction in mind (which you should!).

This can include customized boxes, wrapping papers, stickers or simply adding a note in the parcel- things that would make the buyer feel more connected with you. If you have already established your logo and product descriptions, this is an even more ideal way to showcase it!

With these, you can perfectly convey your service and gratitude for their purchase as soon as they open the package.

Investing in custom packaging comes with additional effort and cost, which is why you should carefully weigh your options in designing yours. Be creative and imagine the unboxing experience you want your customers to have.

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