The Best Technology Picks for Modern Homes

The Best Technology Picks for Modern Homes

Nowadays, home gadgets are more advanced than ever before, and the market is full of products to turn any house into a smart home. From entertainment to assistance and security, it’s possible to enhance your home and its effectiveness with a handful of forward-thinking gadgets. But what exactly should feature in modern homes? Well, let’s look at a few must-have creations.

Sonos One

No modern home is complete without a smart speaker, and the Sonos One provides competition to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Sonos One costs approximately $278, while the Amazon Echo Studio retails for $264. Amazon Echo. Despite the alternative home device being slightly more expensive, it integrates Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistance, giving several options to the user.

The Sonos One’s versatility, however, isn’t its only standout feature. As per PC Mag, the product also supports AirPlay and offers multi-room audio. With a balanced audio quality, What Hi-Fi gives the Sonos One the edge over the Echo Studio from a sound standpoint. Moreover, the microphone is also able to pick up requests when in a noisy environment.

Asus ROG Phone 5


Aside from home assistance, entertainment is another area to invest in when creating a smart home. Because of that, modern homes should feature a top-tier gaming device, and the Asus ROG Phone 5 provides the perfect balance of portability and visual quality. With a 6,000maH battery, the smartphone ensures long-lasting gaming sessions, while the 16GB of RAM and Snapdragon 888 CPU guarantee smooth gameplay across numerous genres.

Aside from demanding RPG games like Genshin Impact and simulators such as Stardew Valley, the Asus ROG Phone 5 can also enhance gaming experiences across the online casino sector. Because of the mobile’s hardware, users can play online roulette for real money in India at platforms like Genesis Casino. The provider utilizes both American and French roulette, and players can explore both types across different lobbies, including Roulette First Person and real-time alternatives, such as Immersive Roulette Live. With the Asus ROG Phone 5, which costs around $1,110, these games will run smoothly and without interruption.


Arlo Q


At the time of writing, home security and surveillance is a growing market, and the Arlo Q is a must-have product for all modern homes. According to Tom’s Guide, this indoor camera leads by example within the market, utilizing a 130-degree field of view. For $200, the device records 1080p HD videos and features integrated two-way audio. Not only that, but the Arlo Q comes with a night vision function, ensuring clarity during the early hours.

Unlike other security cameras on the market, Arlo states that the Arlo Q is powered by an ethernet cable, thus guaranteeing around-the-clock power. Furthermore, the device can also connect to your mobile, allowing you to tune in to live video streams, and if the Arlo Q detects any movement, instant alerts are sent to your phone to keep you in the loop.

Why Invest in the Above?

Although homes don’t need to be smart, there are no doubts that the above products make home life more hassle-free. Aside from giving you peace of mind regarding security, you can also enjoy the latest gaming and music offerings in high quality with forward-thinking products. So, why not let technology take care of your home and handle household tasks?

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