The curious story of the white card shown in Portuguese football in 2023

Portugal also offers very interesting football tournaments. You can now try sports betting Kenya – features all matches from this competition. In early 2023 it was possible to see that there were three different cards being used, which were:

  • the yellow card;
  • the red card;
  • and the white card.

The yellow and red cards have the exact same function as in other competitions. If you think that a player is likely to see a card of this kind, visit 1xBet Kenya to try sports betting on that occurrence.

As you can see, there is also a white card. What does it mean? Here we will dive into this particular occurrence.

The final of the women’s Portuguese Cup

Let’s put things in context. On the 23rd of January 2023, the female teams of Benfica and Sporting Lisbon were playing the final match of the Portuguese Cup. If you wish you can place a virtual bet now – offers the best wagers on the virtual counterparts of football too.

The match ended with Benfica winning the match. However, this wasn’t the most important occurrence of the match. It turns out that during the first half a spectator had a serious health problem. If you like any Portuguese football team, you can go to 1xBet and place a virtual bet now on them.

The medical teams of both squads immediately responded and went to assist the spectator who suffered the problem. Thanks to their immediate response, the person was transported to a hospital and went on to have a full recovery.

A highly-praised gesture

The actions taken by the medical teams of both squads didn’t go unnoticed. What doesn’t go unnoticed either are the fantastic wagering chances available at the website.

By the end of the first match, and after the medical teams had already done their job, referee Catarina Campos did something unusual. Specifically, she approached both medical teams and showed them a card. However, this wasn’t a yellow or a red one, instead, it was a white card. The white card recognizes good sportsmanship and fair play. It is fair to say that the medical teams had this card well-deserved. The thousands of fans present at the Estadio da Luz in the city of Lisbon universally praised the action of the medical staff and the white card. If you want to wager on who is likely to get a card of any color during a football match, you can go to the 1xBet platform now.


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