The future of bakery packaging: eco-friendly bakery bags!

People all around the world are getting more and more conscious about the environment and for all the right reasons. Businesses are not behind in terms of adapting to eco-friendly measures either. More and more businesses are striving hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They are looking for new and innovative sustainable solutions every day. Bakeries are no different in this matter! Bakeries use a ton of packaging every day to serve and deliver delicious baked treats every day. Using eco-friendly packaging might sound like a small change but it makes a huge impact on reducing the carbon footprint of a bakery. This blog will focus on why there is a need for eco-friendly packaging, the benefits associated with it, and how to implement eco-friendly packaging in a bakery

Why is there a need for eco-friendly bakery bags? 

Bakeries are known for making delicious baked goods but their packaging can sometimes involve excessive use of single-use plastic. These single-use plastics are responsible for a lot of pollution and directly add to the carbon footprint of a business. Traditional plastic packaging can be both cheap and convenient but at the same time, it is very harmful to the environment. They take centuries to decompose (if they ever do), hurt animals, and add to the plastic pollution all over the world. Eco-friendly packaging is a responsible alternative to plastic packaging and is the right choice in every way. 

Advantages of eco-friendly packaging for bakeries

There are many advantages to opting for eco-friendly packaging options in a baking business and they are: 

No harm to the environment: Where plastic packaging is famous for its notoriously long-lasting presence on the planet, eco-friendly packaging is 100% biodegradable. Biodegradable packaging material is made from composite materials such as cornstarch-based plastics or paper. They break down naturally and do not end up in oceans or landfills reducing the burden of plastic pollution from our planet. 

Better Brand Image: The customers of today are so much more conscious of the environment than their previous generations. They are making choices that resonate with the betterment of the environment and are supportive of businesses that are prioritizing the environment over profit margins. By choosing eco-friendly bags for bakery packaging, you can attract an environmentally conscious customer base and build a better brand image. 

Adherence to Legal Compliances: Single-use plastics are being banned from packaging everywhere. Even multi-national companies have stopped using single-use plastics from their packaging and it is only a matter of time for these compliances to be applied to small businesses as well. If you use eco-friendly bags you are one step ahead of most of your competitors and no packaging-related legal compliances can restrict your business operations

Types of eco-friendly bags for a Baking business

The choice of eco-friendly bags for any business can be a difficult one. There are many materials and types of bags to choose from and you need to know about them to make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at the various types of eco-friendly packaging bags available for bakeries:  

Paper Bags: The most popular and classic choice for an environmentally conscious packaging option is paper bags. They are easily recyclable and completely biodegradable making them a perfect choice for eco-friendly bakery bags. 

Compostable Plastic Bags: We know, we know this is not the right place to discuss plastic bags but just hear it out. Compostable plastic bags are made from bioplastic materials like cornstarch. These are 100% biodegradable and leave no residue behind making them an eco-friendly option. You can pick this option for packaging in your bakery if you are looking for something closer to plastic bags. 

Fabric Bags: When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, nothing beats the good old fabric bags. You can offer fabric bags to your customers and encourage reusable packaging to the next level. They are also highly customizable and will be used by your customers longer than other bags. This also makes it an excellent marketing option. 

PP Bags or Polypropylene bags: PP bags or non-woven polypropylene bags are yet another eco-friendly packaging option for bakeries. Their features like reusability, durability, and strength give them advantages over other options on this list. PP bags can be used multiple times and therefore they are way better than single-use packaging. Being a biodegradable option, they have a much lower environmental impact when compared to traditional plastic packaging. 

How to implement eco-friendly bags in your bakery?

  1. Responsible Sourcing: You need to source your packaging materials from businesses that are committed to using eco-friendly materials for production. You can choose vendors like Universal bags who are dedicated to producing eco-friendly bags for businesses.  
  2. Educating consumers: Being vocal about your reasons for using this kind of packaging will not only improve your brand image but also encourage customers to be more responsible towards the environment. It will further add to the reduction of carbon footprint by reducing the carbon footprint of your customers. 
  3. Waste reduction: You can largely reduce waste generation by eliminating single-use plastic packaging from your business. 

A Conclusion 

The transition to eco-friendly bakery bags seems like a small step to change but it actually a very significant decision if we look at the long-term effects of it. This decision will add to a better and sustainable future not only for your business but also for the environment. By choosing biodegradable packaging, bakeries can reduce their carbon footprint along with attracting woke customers. Vendors like Universal Bags can be your helping hand in this journey of saving the planet while doing your business. They are dedicated to contributing towards reducing the carbon footprint generated by packaging products used all over the country. Join hands with them for a greener world, one bag at a time. 

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