The Latest Construction Marketing Strategies You Should Use Today


Things are looking up for the construction industry, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting steady business growth in the coming years.

Access to more opportunities can be wonderful, but if you’re not on top of your construction marketing strategy, you’re missing out on clients. Fortunately, the right plan can help you course correct.

Below, you’ll find some helpful hints to help you and your firm partners get in a marketing mindset. Make sure to keep reading, because this is advice that you can’t miss out on!

Know Your Audience

If you’re a new construction company or don’t have much marketing experience, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that everyone is a potential client. While that might seem like a smart approach, it’s little more than a surefire way to spread yourself thin.

Instead, you’ll need to identify a target audience and market to them. So how does that work?

Your best bet is to adhere to four specific pillars:

  • Geography
  • Values
  • Spending habits
  • Purchase intention

Think like your customers. What would you want and need from a firm like yours?

Find Your Brand

Now that you know a bit more about your audience, you can start working on branding your construction business.

Don’t fall into the same trap that can easily snare a small business owner and focus solely on a catchy tagline or logo. While these are elements of branding, there’s so much more to it than that.

These days, your brand needs to have a unique voice along with a set of values that matches that of your customer base. As you might expect, this is where your research from the previous step comes into play.

It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t pander. Customers can smell greed a mile away.

Instead, create a brand bible that outlines what your business stands for, its goals, and the ideal clientele. Authenticity is the new currency, so keep it honest.

Work With a Marketing Agency

If you don’t have time to focus on growing your business in-house, there’s nothing wrong with enlisting some help.

Partnering with a marketing agency can actually help you save money in the long run by delivering the results you need without spending money and time on hiring and training new employees. Plus, you won’t have to purchase expensive software or keep track of the latest search engine optimization (SEO) updates.

Speaking of SEO, the construction industry is all about local SEO. Among other elements, this entails using high-value location-based keywords and creating and optimizing web content for a local audience.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

A good portion of local SEO requires perfect homepage optimization, too, which can be hard to perfect.

Ultimately, outsourcing your marketing can help you and your team generate more leads in a faster period. If nothing else, you owe it to your construction firm to at least consider it.

Your Guide to Construction Marketing

As you can see, there’s a lot more to construction marketing than you’d think at first glance. Remember, though, it’s not always the best decision to focus on marketing in-house. That goes double if you don’t have a target audience or thorough branding.

Reach out to a construction marketing agency today to see how they can help.

And if you’re interested in learning more tips to help you grow your business, make sure to check out the other great content on our marketing blog.

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