The Secret of Getting a High Rank in the Google Search Engine

Have you ever wondered how pages on search engines are ranked? Google, for instance, has a specific and detailed process in determining which pages go on the first page. The higher the rank is, the more the web traffic it will get. Therefore it is important that you know their guidelines regarding Core Web Vitals.


What is it, and why should you know about it?

Core Web Vitals are factors that contribute to the success of a website on the Google online search engine. The power of the Google Search Engine cannot be denied. Everyone uses it, so there is no option but to take advantage of what it offers to its users. Whether you like it or not, Google has a big impact on the global market economy, which is why you need to know about Core Web Vitals if you are to stay ahead of the game. You can learn all about these vitals and how to use them to create an effective marketing strategy in Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore.


These factors are measured to determine the score of a website based on how good the user experience is. It directly impacts the visibility and exposure of the website, so it is important to know how to have a good evaluation for your website to thrive in the search engine.


How is it measured?

These factors are measured based on three things. First is the largest contentful paint (LCP), which determines how long the page loads. The second is the first input delay (FID), which deals with how well the website responds to interaction. And third is the cumulative layout shift (CLS), which measures the visual stability of the page.


Largest Contentful Paint

It takes into account the loading time when you click the page. It can be frustrating if a website takes so long to load. The loading time will get a good evaluation if the client does not have to wait too long to access the website. It also takes into account how fast all of the content gets displayed once the website loads.


First Input Delay

FID evaluates the interaction visitors have with the content on the website. It includes checking the accessibility of menus, links within the content on the page, empty fields that can be filled out, and even accordion texts as a design feature. If accessing links needs more than a single click, the evaluation will already take a hit. It is all about user experience, after all.


Cumulative Layout Shift

CLS measures how stable the website is when first clicked. Your aim is to have a high CLS because all of the content stays in place during the loading process. It can be disorienting to the user if one text box is not where it is supposed to be. The current guidelines of CLS include a rating of high, needs improvement, and poor, and you want to have a high CLS evaluation for your page.

Now that you know more about Core Web Vitals, it is time for you to hire a digital marketing agency to help you get a good evaluation. Agencies can help you create user-friendly websites that follow the current guidelines of online search engines.

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