The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Probate Litigation Attorney

When probate doesn’t go as expected or there are complications, litigation may be necessary. A probate attorney can help with the litigation, providing the necessary experience to enable their client to get a better result from the case. When it’s time to hire a probate litigation attorney, it is necessary for the client to make sure they choose the right one. A few things to consider when looking into the options include the following.

Consider What the Case Entails

It is important to take the time to think about what the case entails. Some attorneys will have experience in one area, but not another. Knowing what the case involves can make it easier to choose a probate litigation attorney who has the appropriate experience to handle the case. Take the time to read through any documents and the local laws to get a better understanding of the case. It’s okay to not understand much of it though, as the attorney can answer any questions.

Check Experience in Similar Situations

Check out potential attorneys to learn more about their experience and how they can help with the case. It’s important to hire an attorney who has litigation experience versus one who typically handles cases through settlements, as the litigation attorney will have more experience with going to court. This can be helpful, as the attorney will know how to prepare for the case properly and what to do in court to present the case.

Interview the Potential Attorney

Take some time to interview the potential attorney and learn more about them before making a decision. This should include experience, how long they’ve been a lawyer, how long they’ve worked in probate, and more. Be sure to ask about whether there may be any conflict of interest. This can occur when the attorney has represented someone related to the case in a previous one. If there are any conflicts of interest, the attorney may not be able to work with the client.

Ask About Fees and Billing

Clients should be sure they understand all fees associated with hiring the lawyer as well as how the billing is handled. Ask about paying out of a settlement, what other expenses may be necessary while the case is prepared for court, how much going to court will cost, and more. Understanding this is crucial for clients, especially those on a budget, to be sure the expenses aren’t too much.

Consider Compatibility and Rapport

Clients will want to consider whether they are compatible with the attorney. How well do they communicate? Do they take time to establish a rapport? Do they seem to be trustworthy? How a client feels about working with the attorney can make a huge difference in how comfortable they are with the attorney handling their case. It is important to find an attorney they can get along with and work well with over the duration of the case.

Finding the right probate litigation attorney to work with can take time, but it is important to be careful to ensure the right one is hired. For those who need help with a probate case, using the tips here can make it easier to find the right attorney and to hire them to help with the case.

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