Tips and tricks to boost your blog with the following ways

There are always some chances of “blogging drought.” And it is not an unusual scenario. Many bloggers experience a scarcity of readers. Whenever You publish a well-written blog post, you will expect others to see, read, share and comment on it. But as an alternative, if you get nothing, you will be hopeless. 

If you want to stand out from the rest, then your blog must be truly one of a kind in every aspect. To make an exceptional blog that gets sufficient traffic requires a lot of time, devotion and money. 

You can try image search and some other tips or ideas to boost relevant traffic to your blog.

13 Tips and tricks to boost your blog

Here are some easy tips and tricks to increase blog traffic

  • Be concise 

You must Write about relevant topics. Always consider topics that your target audiences search about online. While following topics, you must pay attention to ongoing trends.  It is necessary to pick topics that fit your market, content strategy and brand. Attempting to Capture your market’s attention with the right topics is an important step to boost your blog. 

  • Type of content

Some content types get more traction than others. There are top two types of content:

  1. listicles 
  2. infographics.

Among these two types, the listicle is a crowd favorite. People love to read content that is divided via lists. Furthermore, you can generate an image search to add relevant visual aids in your blog post to grab your target consumers’ attention.  

  • Add long-tail keywords

These days’ single keywords don’t work anymore. Now we cannot rely on a single keyword as a viable SEO technique. Therefore, rather than targeting a single keyword, we must emphasize a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords to increase SERPs’ rank. 

  • Share your content frequently

If you want to spread and share your blog post, one Post is not enough. You must schedule re-share and reposts in an appropriate mode.

  • Shake up your theme 

Keep introducing new things to your readers. Try to Post some fun, off-topic stories once a week. You can also Do a ‘throwback’ on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. Adding something new can raise your levels and catch the attention of your target market rapidly. 

  • Make use of your email list

Your current email list is one of the top sources of blog traffic. You can Send a mail newsletter to your subscribers and reinforce them to check your blog at once.  

  • Start with headlines

Headlines of your blog matter the most. Many People who search online read the headline to know if they should read the article or not. Therefore, use an effective strategy to write engaging headlines. 

  • Take advantage of social media 

Every blogger has different forms of social media accounts. To boost your blog, you must stay active on different social media platforms. It serves as a great opportunity to foster relationships with your target market and industry influencers. Take help from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for your promotion. 

  • Guest blog

You can grow and expose your blog by writing for other people’s websites as a guest blogger. Keep in mind that you must target blogs that are bigger and popular than your own. In this way, you will include a link to your blog and invite readers to check out your content. 

  •  Always Be a contributor

Becoming a contributor to some major websites related to your niche helps you boost your blog. Being a contributor is not an easy task, but You have to start small and work your way up.  Make sure that you are submitting unique, well-researched and engaging sample content. 

  •  Use visual content 

In this world of technology, People are visual creatures; therefore, visual content plays a very important role. Images help you to get more shares and reposts. Image search helps you to add colorful and engaging graphs to emphasize data and numbers. To make your visual content stand out from the rest, you can adopt the following ways:

  • Take help from reverse image search to carry the process of image search. and Access image finder by SmallSEOTools, Click this link to help you to find relevant images for your blog post. In this photo search technique, you will add links to different authors and related information about the object present in photographs. Furthermore, you will have a huge collection of reverse images within no time. 
  • With the image search technique, you can create a unique photo.
  • You can add screenshots via image search. You must Add memes to make your blog more attractive. 
  • You can Embed a video.
  •  Create a podcast

You can generate a podcast to showcase your expertise as it helps you to get more traffic. Learn about how to start a successful podcast by reading this helpful guide. You can invite influencers to form your niche. Mention an influencer or use their work by adding references to help your target market.

  •  Remove pointless material 

There is always a need to make sure you only give the best to your guests. Keep Examining your blog and check if there are distracting elements. Add things that must have a purpose. Furthermore, don’t forget to insert internal links. By adding links, you will help search engines index your content. Additionally, don’t forget to pay special attention to your blog’s loading time and improve it. People love to revisit blogs that provide information immediately. 


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