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Tips for Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

by Sonal
Men’s Dress Shoes

Tips for Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

Every man worldwide buys shoes for a variety of reasons, style, interest, and not the least utility. But there are two common considerations that every man always follows while buying shoes: fits well and durability. Like unfitted t-shirts that make you feel uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes do the same and are also bad for the foot.

However, if you talk about dress shoes, then no formal ensemble is complete without these shoes. However, they are what you always wear only on special occasions or while going to the office. This is why it becomes essential to know how to choose the dress shoes because one wrong decision can ruin your overall look and all your money will go in vain.

But, before we discuss tips for buying men’s dress shoes, let’s find out the types of formal shoes for men you can wear on special occasions.

Types of men’s formal shoes

With time, the collection of men’s shoes has expanded a lot. That means there are different types of shoes available according to the taste.

  • Cap-Toes

It is called gentleman’s shoes which look very classy and timeless. The stitching detail on this shoe is perfect for bespoke shoes. So, if you want to make a more extensive statement, wear these shoes on that occasion.


  • Monk straps

They are very similar to loafers, but they don’t have laces. Instead, it comes with an eye-catching strap with a metal buckle on the top. 


  • Oxfords

These are classy shoes in every sense, which can make you look a notch higher. In these shoes, the eyelets are fixed under the vamps, which offer a very nice touch in formal wear.


  • Derby Shoes

These shoes don’t have closed lace, that’s why they are very similar to oxfords. That means you cannot run your finger from the shoe tongue, and this design offers a more relaxed vibe while wearing.


Now when you know about the options, let’s discuss some of the tips for buying men’s dress shoes: –


  • Choose a suitable material

No doubt, most men like leather shoes and are pretty famous for footwear as they have the power to last long compared to other fabrics. But, make sure you consider your area’s climate as you see while buying t-shirts as non-leather men’s shoes are best for the wet season.


  • Measurement matters

All men know that feet need to be measured before buying shoes, but most men forget one thing. And you will be surprised to know that this error makes them feel why their recently purchased shoes won’t fit. 


This mistake is the shape of the feet which could change now and then due to various factors like gradual weight gain, Edema, etc. So, according to the shoe experts, make sure you go to the shoe shop to buy the best pair of shoes as they will recommend the perfect size for your feet.


  • Know what style of shoe fits your foot’s shape

Men’s dress shoes come in several categories, and every shoe style goes best for different foot shapes. For example, men with high insteps or wide feet will always feel cramped if they wear closed-lace shoes like oxford. 


On the other hand, the shoe which has open lace is best for a wider foot. So, select the shoe according to your foot shape.


  • Cement vs. welt build

Many men get confused about whether they should go for cement or welt. If you ask the difference between the two, then the welted one involves the shoe’s sole being stitched to the upper portion.

The cement shoe sole is attached with the help of glue. But according to the experts, you must make a sturdier choice than the welted one.


  • Choose the right shade.

Those early days of fashion have gone when formal shoes for men came only in black and brown. That means these days, you can pick any shade starting from grey, blue, tans, and not the least maroons. So, choose the right colour according to your dress.


  • Wear the shoes well

When it comes to wearability then always select the shoes wisely. If you don’t like bending while wearing the shoe, then loafers will surely add a sense of formal air, which you wear quickly by slipping into.


  • Mind the fit

Trying a pair of shoes for the first time is quite confusing. So, in this regard, there are some of the pointers you must keep in mind while buying shoes. First, when you try the shoes, ensure that the shoe fits snugly in the middle of the foot; it will not be too loose nor too tight. 

The toes have ample space on the front side; they will not touch the toe cap. Apart from that, if you wear socks every time with shoes, make sure you stick to one type of thickness.



These are some of the aspects you must consider while buying shoes from online shopping sites like Bewakoof. So, keep the aforementioned pointers in mind to make yourself comfortable for a long time. 


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