Tips to Avoid Buying Counterfeit N95 Face Masks

Medical grade N95 particulate respirators are now available for health care workers as well as the general public to defeat coronavirus and the existing variants. American PPE manufacturing companies have successfully ramped up production facilities for producing sufficient N95 masks for the nation. However, this may have increased the potential of counterfeit face masks slipping into the real stock. It is critical to understand the attributes of real N95 respirators to avoid falling into the counterfeit trap. Here are some useful tips for spotting suspicious websites before buying any products from them.

Check External Label

A blank N95 respirator mask is certainly not what you should buy at any cost. Look for an external label on the mask indicating its genuineness that it has been sourced authentically and is approved by NIOSH with its logo for safe use. Go to the CDC website to quickly go through what the label means in case you are doubtful about the letters mentioned. Also, make sure that the counterfeit masks don’t take the benefit of the doubt as an opportunity to sell their masks to you. The NIOSH logo and TC code are genuine markings to identify if the N95 mask is real or not.

N95 Respirators for Snug Seal 

The incredibly soft and latex-free dual head straps of N95 masks made in the USA are designed carefully to prioritize comfort while also keeping the mask in place. Wearers need to adjust the metal nose clip and head straps once they wear the mask and feel free to carry on with their work. The protective seal also prevents fog on eyewear to avoid any discomfort for the wearers. Ensure that the N95 respirator forms a tight seal around your nose and mouth with dual head straps instead of earloops for optimal protection against COVID-19. A legit N95 mask made in the USA adheres to the strict standards to be used safely by the health care sector, construction sector, construction sites, food processing, manufacturing, infrastructure, oil and gas refineries, and transportation. Don’t let sellers mislead you with the presence of decorative add-ons in N95 respirator masks as the real ones are simple yet elegant masterpieces designed to filter infectious particles and dust effectively.

Buy from Trusted Retailer

Rely on a trusted source for buying authentic medical grade N95 face masks made in USA from reputed brands. Medical Supply All is a leading online retailer providing legitimate face masks for superior protection against COVID-19 and all the existing strains. A real face mask will always offer what it claims-making efficiency and comfortable design as its prominent attributes. Moreover, online retailers emphasize minor details like avoiding spelling errors, bad grammar, and unfinished web pages to represent a trusted website. Inconsistency in selling different types of products is another red flag to identify that the retailer is sketchy. At, buyers also get the privilege of buying from any of the well-reputed brands on a single platform with consistent sales for selling safe personal care products.                                                                            Medical Supply All facilitates buyers with the availability of highly coveted N95 particulate respirators from top-rated options in the USA. Their dedicated team makes sure that the orders can be placed and delivered smoothly to assist our medical heroes while also fulfilling the public’s growing demands for medical grade N95 mask made in USA.

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