Top 10 Fintech Startups to Watch in 2023

The Top 10 Fintech Startups to Watch in 2023

The use of technology in financial services has grabbed everyone’s attention. Several companies have come up intending to provide quality customer services, which involves anything from offering personal or business loans to effectively keeping track of freelancer tax deductions.

Various categories of financial services require every fintech startup to upgrade their individual set of features. This includes B2B for multiple customers, small businesses, banks and business clients.

Fintech services come with a promising future and have been a point of attraction for investors. Here are the top 10 fintech startups based on their potential and performance in the market in 2023.

1.   Robinhood:

This commission-free trading platform is rooted in the US and offers people to open a cost-effective brokerage account and invest in stocks. It also provides convenient handling of brokerage accounts that can be accessed via mobile application.

2.   Stripe:

The company offers other enterprises the convenience of making payments online. This Irish-American startup has become quite popular and has become the first preference of e-commerce businesses as they benefit from the lowest transaction rates in the market. Customers can also customise their payment options by which things are made more simple.

3.   SoFi:

Founded in the US, this technology company especially offers students with accessible loans and easy repayment options. It deals explicitly with refinancing student loans, mortgages and personal loans.

4.   Chime:

This startup has made banking easy for people who engage in daily transactions and opt for banking services. It offers customers to take advantage of banking services for a savings account, mobile banking and debit cards without any fee. Moreover, foreign transaction fee and the need for a minimum balance is also exempted.

5.   Lemonade:

The startup uses AI for the enhancement of its customer service. It is a digital insurance company that offers the best insurance services for renters, pet owners and homeowners.

6.   Klarna:

This Swedish startup offers various cost-effective financial services, including online store payments, BNPL payments and the utmost flexibility in payment options.

7.   Brex:

Brex offers corporate credit cards with lines that don’t require a credit check or personal guarantee. It especially offers cash management accounts to various technology companies and has become quite popular since its inception.

8.   Coinbase:

Coinbase deals explicitly with digital assets. It is the provider of a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange that helps people in business and other people to purchase and sell assets digitally.

9.   Stash:

An app specially designed for mobile investing that provides customised advice on investment and assists investors in diversifying their portfolios. They aim at providing transparent banking and financial services to customers across the globe.

10.  Plaid:

Plaid is a popular startup that has simplified the banking experience for everyone in business and customers. The app also helps establish a connection between software applications and financial institutions.


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