Social media apps on which you spent the most of time and have a part in your life. Daily growth of some apps have achieve some good place in the market. Here is the list of those apps which you may be using-

  • Instagram- one of the most loved the app by youths and even children too. The large user growth is increasing day by day as it has more than millions of account. A lot of people have been wondering if buy instagram followers at is worth it or not. It is worth it because getting more followers will help your business grow and make it seem more legitimate in the eyes of other users. Features such as chat theme which are so attractive, vanish modes which let your chats delete once you view, story upload with more edits, more privacy features, you can shop here too this all awesome features make this app best of all. No false and malware programmes against this. Feel free and download enjoy by signing in with your phone number.


  • Fmwhatsapp-the modified version of WhatsApp which is developed by Foud Apps. It has a lot of features new which you will not find in WhatsApp. It lets you hide your last seen, customize app colors and many more. You can download it from play store or any other site after installing you can use it. You can hide your status online while chatting which is so different. Just have a good internet connection that’s all.



  • Facebook- the American app which has the also good base in the market and famous too. Its features are also so clear and simple to use such as chatting with more stickers, variety of contents which may not make you bore in any way, good in privacy, can easily find your friends and contacts, etc. you can easily download from play store as it is available there. More than millions of account and day by day it’s performance is getting better. You can even have group chat.
  • WhatsApp- the app which you will find in everyone’s phone cause it is so popular. It makes your messages, audio, image, video sent to the person you want to send without any cost. To use this app firstly, you need to download it from play store which is so simple and then just create your profile with your phone number also good in privacy option as it provide option for everyone or just your contacts.
  • Snapchat- two in one app that means you will get your camera and chatting app together here which you are goona like it so much. It has a lot of features such as set according to you for chats delete after one view/after 24 hours or you can save it, good filters and lenses, story posting with more effects, group chats, etc. here mostly people interact with each other by sending snaps to one another. Some people use it to make streaks which are for fun. It is not good for under the Age of 18 as snaps are getting deleted after once you view so parents might be not knowing what their child is doing with it.

Hope it had helped you and was interesting. The apps listed above are so good you must download it once! Stay safe and share it.

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