Various Applications of an Android Management System

Android management is required to manage android-based devices such as tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, virtual reality devices, etc., used in an organization. Android management software provides a centralized system for managing and controlling these devices from a single platform. The various applications of an Android management system are as under:

Download apps and content distribution: One of the applications of the Android management system is to enable direct installation of approved apps from the managed list of Google play store and enterprise in-house apps without user intervention. It is also useful for transferring content or files in bulk to many enrolled devices. 

Kiosk mode application: The Android management software can configure the android tablets and smartphones into Kiosk mode to work for a dedicated purpose with only those apps that are approved. The Android management system restricts the use of unapproved apps, and also it does not allow the user to change the Android system settings. 

Tracking the location of Android devices: Another important application of the Android management system is geo-fencing. It enables the location tracking of mobile devices on the map. It can also trace the locations of the users and their devices.

Asset management: The Android management system helps in the systematic management of mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, virtual reality devices, etc., by keeping track of the number of devices in the organization, information about the applications installed on them, updating needs, malware reports, etc. 

Remote troubleshooting of devices: The Android management software provides the application of screen sharing. With the help of this, the users can share the live screen of the mobile devices working at different locations and access the technical support from the IT administrators for troubleshooting the devices if there are any issues. Remote access to the devices helps in the timely resolution of technical issues.

Remove or erase business-sensitive information: This application of Android management software plays an important role in keeping confidential data related to the organization safe and secure. The system can erase the data from mobile devices at any location if there are any chances of a data leak, non-compliance with company policies, unauthorized attempts to access the devices or any other reasons which can cause theft or breach of important corporate data.


The use of Android-based devices by employees in organizations has made the workforce more efficient and productive by providing them adequate mobility and remote access to the devices at various locations. The android management software has made it easy for the organization to manage, control, secure and keep track of the devices. There are many applications of Android management systems such as quick enrolment of devices, timely updating of devices, content distribution, etc., that results in cost-saving and, consequently, benefit the organization.  

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