What Are the Complexities in Oracle Testing and Why Should Business Automate It?

Oracle is one of the renowned corporations many businesses use to manage their day-to-day operations, such as budgeting, supply chain management, finance, etc. However, implementing Oracle EBS into your organization can be challenging. To ensure that it is rightly configured and integrated, Oracle testing becomes essential. Oracle testing ensures the software works as intended and improves the performance, reliability, and functionality. 

Testing can be performed manually or with the help of test automation tools. In this blog, we dive deeper into the usage of Oracle testing in various industries, complexities, and reasons to automate it.

Understanding Oracle Test Automation

Oracle testing is performed to identify whether the system is working as intended, and it can be performed using tools or manually. The method of streamlining the testing approach using tools is known as Oracles Test Automation. It is far more efficient and faster than manual and doesn’t require much effort and resources, making it a cost-effective option. Implementing automated approaches helps you check the functionality and reliability of the system and identify any potential errors in the early phase. Moreover, businesses can cater to their requirements using the Oracle Test Automation tools, like Opkey.

Usage of Oracle Testing in Various Industries


Many banking companies heavily rely on the Oracle database to store financial data transactions and manage customer accounts. So, the safety and security of Oracle applications is essential to ensure the data integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.


With technological advancement, pharmaceutical companies must keep up with the market pace. Profound amounts of data are generated in the healthcare industry, which is also one of the most regulated industries. Oracle cloud applications are primarily used in healthcare. Hence, testing becomes crucial to determine whether the applications are in continuum with the aligned goals or compliant with standard regulatory requirements.


Government agencies mainly use Oracle-based applications for various purposes, such as administrative functions, citizen service, tax collection, etc. They need to ensure that these applications are reliable and citizen data is secure. That’s where Oracle testing becomes essential.


Educational institutions use Oracle-based systems for student data management and testing to ensure that student data is safe. Testing also ensures the reliability of the application, adding to the administrative process.

Complexities in Oracle Testing

Test Scripts Maintenance

It is essential to maintain test scripts for seamless testing, but a slight change or update in the Oracle application will force you to change the test scripts to work as intended.

Integration With Third Party Application

An organization uses multiple applications to streamline its day-to-day operations; however, it is essential for a smooth integration between them for smooth data flow and functionality of the system. Performing the test to ensure integration is working as intended can be challenging, as one needs to check each module.

Oracle EBS Complexity

Oracle EBS is a complex suite with a wide range of functionalities. An organization needs to create test scripts that cover all the functionalities. Moreover, creating and maintaining test scripts can be challenging for the organization.


Performing the Oracle testing needs specific expertise and technical training, which various organizations lack. Moreover, automating the testing also requires a certain amount of expertise and knowledge.

Why Should Organizations Automate Oracle Testing?

Improved Productivity and Scalability

Manually performing Oracle testing is time-consuming and resource-intensive. On the other hand, test automation creates an environment where businesses can create test scripts in less time and perform the testing. Moreover, tools like Opkey allow organizations to create test scripts with a single click and test quickly. 

More Test Coverage

Incorporation automation in your organization for testing helps you know how much you need to test, saving resources required to cover all the test cases. Businesses can use automation tools like Opkey to test for various scenarios and the intended number of test cases, improving software quality.

Cost Saving

Manual testing is resource intensive and demands highly qualified testers. Businesses need to invest in automated testing while setting test scripts and automating the testing. Here, business users can act as testers. Since automation automates repetitive tasks, reducing the usage of resources and saving money.

Reduced Risk

Oracle releases at least four major updates in a year, and businesses need to perform testing to avoid disruption due to these releases. Automating Oracle testing offers high coverage at high speed, which is impossible with manual testing. Businesses should use automated testing to avoid disruption and ensure the safety and security of customer data.

Increased Test Accuracy

Humans are prone to error, which becomes even higher with the repetitive task. Automating the Oracle testing ensures the minimum intervention of humans, leading to more accurate testing.

Automate Oracle Testing With Opkey!

Testing is vital for implementing the Oracle EBS suite and making the most out of it. Opkey is a no code tool that helps organizations from various industries to automate testing without wasting time and resources. It allows businesses to create test scripts in a single click with drag and drop interface. Moreover, Opkey has thousands of pre-built test scripts so that you can meet your needs. Visit Opkey’s website and automate Oracle testing.


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