What Are Your Supply Chain Management Software Options?

It is not hard to get online help to manage companies, large and small. What is hard is knowing which apps to purchase and what companies to purchase them from. The correct online apps help a person manage their business efficiently and control company logistics more successfully. The right apps can help with customer relationships, marketing, payroll, and more. Supply chain software helps companies get the materials they need and deliver their products to customers.

What Options do Business Owners Have?

Supply Chain Management options can be overwhelming to a business owner. Which company should be selected to supply the correct software? How do companies find out who to trust? TEC offers a system called Dynamics 365 Microsoft, which is a collection of business management apps. This is a good place to start investigating management software.

Some additional products to consider include NetSuite Oracle, GT Nexus, Transportation Management system by Manhattan Ass. Inc., iVen Retail by CitiXsysTech. Limited, eGPS by Adexa, inc., Accuplus by Cadre Tech, Inc., and others. There are different management products for each aspect of a company.

What Are and What Do Supply Chain Management Software Programs Do?

Supply chain Management, or SCM software solutions, are designed to manage the progress of goods inside and across the global supply chain. They have two categories: supply chain planning and supply chain execution.

Supply chain planning software will help put together a valid plan with demand signals and everything needed to make successful supply movement plans.
Supply chain execution software will be used to manage the physical movement of goods and supplies in a warehouse and across the country. It will include warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, and if needed, international and global trade management help.  

All of this software should be working in tandem for the best results. Covid-caused national lockdowns and limitations have shown the weaknesses in the global, domestic, and regional supply chains, bringing them to a halt for too long. Even when they started up again, there were spiraling costs and unknowns that keep goods delayed for weeks or months. 

Having good supply chain management software helps a company navigate these complicated waters. This software helps with technological solutions in managing logistics and in building resilience for supply chains. What if the software were able to find alternate suppliers for materials held up overseas. What if they were in the U.S.?

These supply management software options help companies in e-commerce get goods to customers more quickly, and they allow customers to track the path of their orders in real-time.

When all is said and done, supply chain management, or SCM, is software that helps manage the flow of goods, finances, and data related to products or services. This can apply to the materials needed to create products or services and then the order fulfillment and the delivery of the product or service to its final destination.

What Is the Background For Supply Chain Management Software?

Supply chains have been around as long as there have been humans to trade things. But, as the human race developed more complicated supply chains on a larger scale, help was needed to manage them.

Mass production with standardized parts by Henry Ford was one giant step forward. Mass production of all sorts of goods soon followed. People kept track of their goods movements with phone calls, letters, etc. Then, the computer came along, followed by the internet, technology innovation, the growth of the online community, and changes in the global community. Now, supply chains are all over the internet, and communications have speeded up so that wildly disparate networks communicate around the clock to track goods and services.

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