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There is this very old saying ‘Health is Wealth’. This means if you have a healthy body you possess the greatest wealth. A generation ago it was like people only visited the doctors when they were critically ill or on the verge of dying.

Now, we have organizations like Thyrocare to provide crucial medical services right from the convenience of your homes.

But in today’s modern era healthcare services have become commonplace. People are becoming more conscious about having good health. People are gradually seeking advice to be fit and fine.

People are also taking that extra step so that they can lower their risk of different medical conditions. And in this pandemic situation, we have become more conscious and cautious as well.

So it has become now very essential to have regular body checkups so that we can stay healthy and take precautions when required. Thyrocare offers some best medical tests packages that can help you with the annual checkups that you intend to take every time.

People opt for Thyrocare packages for various reasons from the efficiency in the test results to the safety measures adopted. Thyrocare has also taken that extra step to assure more safety for its customers during the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Why Choose Thyrocare In India.

The latest trends in technology have made the medical world move a step ahead. The best available Pathology Labs and clinics like Thyrocare are offering the best technologies to conduct the tests. Thyrocare was founded in the year of 1996 by Arokiaswamy Velumani.

Though they started their initial operations from Navi Mumbai in Mumbai it has its operations now available all over India Thyrocare has also come up with opening some outlets in neighboring countries of India as well.

Thyrocare has about 1122 operating centers all over India. Thyrocare is offering the people of India the best available services. There are various packages available for the customers to choose from according to their requirements.

Thyrocare also has some of the best packages designed for women. It is known to all that a woman’s body has to face more complexities than a man does. So their body requires extra attention.

Thyrocare has thoroughly understood the need and situation and accordingly brought some exclusive packages only for the women. The packages are designed to keep the basic requirements in the account.


Various Packages offered by Thyrocare

The vision of Thyrocare is to offer quality health checkups and services at an affordable cost. The given below are the various packages offered by Thyrocare.

The most popular Thyrocare Aarogyam packages are:

  • Mini Health Checkup consists of 28 Tests. Mini Health Checkup profile includes Thyroid T3-T4-TSH, Diabetes HbA1c, and Complete blood count-CBC.
  • Aarogyam B Package consists of 61 Tests. Aarogyam B profile includes Thyroid, Cardiac Risk Markers, Lipid Profile, Liver, Kidney, Iron, CBC – Blood count, Diabetes, and others.
  • Aarogyam C Package consists of 61 Tests. Aarogyam C package includes tests of Lipid profile, Testosterone, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Thyroid, Cardiac Risk, Diabetes Kidney, and others.

Other popular packages offered by Thyrocare are as follows:

  • Aarogyam Basic.
  • Aarogyam Advanced.
  • Paleo Profile.
  • Covid Antibody/RT PCR.
  • Metabolic Profile.
  • Fever Profiles.
  • Arthritis Profile.
  • Bone Profile.
  • Anemia Profile.
  • Infertility Profile.
  • Wellness Profile.
  • Vitamin Profile.
  • Food Intolerance Profile.
  • TB Genome Sequencing Profile.
  • CT scan – PET CT Scan.


To Conclude:

Thyrocare is one of the best and trusted laboratories and diagnostic centers in India. The rates offered by Thyrocare are almost half the price that other laboratories are offering. You have the facility of home collection. Thus, you can avoid visiting the centers, especially during this pandemic condition.

You also get the reports delivered online within 48 hrs. Thyrocare is NABL certified; thus the accuracy is 100%. It has AP accredited laboratories. You can find a Thyrocare center in all the major cities and towns of India. Last but not least you can also opt for tax savings under Section 80D.





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