What Does It Take To Develop an iOS App

You first need to understand some of the basics. Before you dive into the world of iOS app development, it is helpful to learn a few things about how iPhones and apps work. Then, as you begin your journey, you will learn about essential pieces of an iPhone app. Finally, it would be best to explore the pros and cons of iOS vs. Android development.


What does it take to develop an iOS app?


First, you need an Apple Developer account. This $99/year subscription allows you to publish your apps on the App Store and test them on iOS devices. You can also experiment with beta versions of iOS without a paid developer account in limited ways.


It would help if you planned to take at least a few months to develop your app, and you will likely need to invest more than $100. Physical devices are expensive. You may find yourself purchasing multiple Apple Developer accounts if you plan to test your app on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.


The tools available for iOS development are pretty great! If you have any experience with web development or software development in general, you will feel right at home. Xcode is Apple’s free software development tool and can build iOS apps natively or review. You can even develop using Visual Studio if you so choose.


Next, consider how to monetize your app. There are a variety of ways to generate revenue from your iOS app:


  • paid app
  • in-app purchases
  • paid membership
  • advertisements



You can even provide your app for free and make money from the affiliate revenue generated by users downloading other software.


The development process will be more straightforward if you have experience building websites/software, iOS development, Objective C/Swift, Cocoa Touch, Xcode, and design.


Apple does a great job of enforcing a consistent user experience across all apps. Still, it is entirely possible to create an iOS app with no prior experience. As long as you have strong problem-solving skills and a drive to learn new things, you can develop an iOS app!


Once your app is complete, the next step is getting users to download it. Then, you can promote your app in the App Store using keywords, screenshots, featured tags, and more. Using app store optimization is a huge advantage when getting downloads for your paid apps.


Making money from your iOS app takes some time after its initial launch if you want to do it correctly. Paid apps (and most apps in general) will not earn much money in the first few months, so you need to plan for this when creating your app. In addition, if you are monetizing with advertisements or in-app purchases, you may also lose money initially.


Once your iOS app is finally published on the app store, it needs to be maintained like any other software project. Bugs and feature requests will come in from users, so you need to be ready to handle them.


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