What is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is primarily an information security certification developed to validate the skills of security analysts. The certification has been designed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 to make sure that computer security professionals have profound knowledge in the field. CISSP certification is one of the prominent certifications acknowledged worldwide, which can help you accelerate your career as a computer security professional.

All about CISSP Certification Exam

The CISSP exam is a 6-hour exam comprising 250 questions that test your knowledge in ten subject areas: introduction to information security, access control systems and methodology, business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning, physical security, operations, security, and management practices, telecommunications, and networking security.

The test scores are presented in the form of points, and to pass the exam, one needs to earn 700 points out of 1000 points. Additionally, candidates must attain 20 Continuing Professional Education credits every year and pay an annual maintenance fee of $35 to retain the certification.

How can one become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional?

Becoming a CISSP is way beyond just passing the CISSP exam. To be eligible for the exam, candidates need to have at least five years of full-time work experience in a minimum of 2 out of 8 cybersecurity domains. Upon qualifying for the exam, you need to have approval in subscribing to the ISC 

Code of Ethics and seek another approval from another ISC professional who will carry verification of your employment details such as employment length, professional accomplishments as a security analyst. 


Roles & Responsibilities of Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) are responsible for protecting an organization’s confidential information. They ensure that all sensitive information is encrypted to prevent data theft, whether related to the organization or customers.

CISSPs research, design, implement, analyze, and review business information security to protect information and prevent unauthorized data usage. Their role includes educating users about security processes, probable threats, software installation, implementing security policies, and monitoring networks. These days cyber attacks are on the rise, and thus, CISSPs are in high demand across the globe.

They are generally responsible for collecting data important for maintaining security and creating functional exterior barriers like firewalls and other security protocols. They outline, develop and document certification and authorization of every information structure as per the organization’s requirement. Furthermore, they evaluate impacts on system transformations and technological improvements.

Salary and Scope of Certified Information Systems Security Professional

Certification in CISSP can help you take a leap in your career by helping you gain more knowledge, integrity, a higher number of job opportunities, a high salary, and much more. According to one of Global Information Security and Workforce studies, the average income of CISSPs is globally higher by 25% than their non-certified peers. In support of this, another study by TechRepublic states that CISSPs stand at #4 position among the top 15 highest paying job roles in the world.

Looking at the pay of CISSPs, on average, a CISSP earns ₹20,00,000 on an annual basis. To know more about the salary of CISSPs, let’s have a look at the table given below mentioning the job title wise of CISSPs:


Job Title CISSP Salary Range CISSP Average Salary
Information Security Manager ₹7,06,000-30,00,000 ₹1,833,460
Security Architect, IT ₹10,00,000-40,00,000 ₹2,558,096
Information Security Analyst ₹2,53,000-20,00,000 ₹8,35,530
Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) ₹3,35,000-30,00,000 ₹1,198,309
Chief Information Security Officer ₹9,97,000-100,00,000 ₹3,383,218
Cyber Security Analyst ₹4,91,000-30,00,000 ₹9,00,000
Security Analyst ₹2,51,000-20,00,000 ₹5,00,000


Choosing to get CISSP certified takes sheer hard work and dedication, leading to a highly rewarding career. This certification gives you the chance to be an integral part of the international community of security professionals and lets you enter one of the most sought-after professions. So don’t wait and get CISSP certified if you seek a career as a security professional.


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