What to Expect During an Inpatient Mental Hospital Stay?


Mental Health Issues are a very taboo subject that is rarely ever discussed in countries such as India. Mental Health and Mental health issues are seen as just simple hurdles in life and most people expect the patient to come out of it naturally.


But what most people fail to understand is that mental health issues, just like physical health issues, need medical care and treatment. Recovery for mental health issues can be long and arduous and require much more time than physical issues.


Psychiatric hospital and psychiatrists can help in identifying mental health issues in unsuspecting patients and help them with therapy and treatment to heal them and recover from this illness, just like any other hospital and doctor would. But the hard part is the social stigma and the identification of the need for help in mental health issues, which keeps most patients away from seeking care and treatment.


What are Mental Health Issues?


Mental Health Issues is a large umbrella term with a wide scope of disorders and illness that cause the patient inconvenience. It may be hard to identify symptoms of one mental disorder from another and most people shy away from discussing these issues with others.


This is the reason why many patients do not approach a psychiatric hospital or a specialist when they feel that something is wrong with them. In most cases, outpatient treatment can be seeked to help with treating mental health issues but in some cases, the patients may be advised to stay within the hospital for better care and observation.


Mental Health issues can be of various types – either triggered by physiological reasons, social reasons, internal conflicts, trauma, stress or the usage of mind altering drugs.


Mental Health Issues can be classified into many types and are listed below:


  1. Alcoholism

The addiction to alcohol and the tendency to overuse alcohol which causes physical and mental damage to the patient. Most patients are unable to recover from this disorder and need rehabilitation.


  1. Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder forces an individual to have conflicting thoughts, moods and character changes and may cause social and mental pressure as they cannot seem to cope up with reality.


  1. Depression

Depression is a state of mind where the patient has strong negative thoughts as an after effect of stress or trauma and is unable to shake the feeling of impending loss and disaster without help.


  1. Addiction

Addiction of any kind causes the individual to have mental side effects such as usage of drugs and alcohol which ultimately leads to anxiety and depression.


  1. OCD

OCD is a character disorder where the person has no control over their thoughts and resists changes of any type. Patients with this disorder may have many kinds of phobias and extreme fear.


Staying at a Mental Hospital


Most people are treated as outpatients when it comes to mental health issues but some patients may require intensive care and observation. Patients of this kind must be prepared to get themselves admitted to the hospital and undergo multiple tests and screenings to help identify their issues so that effective treatment can be provided.


Unlike most movies, a mental hospital is a calmer and rehabilitative environment that helps individuals to get the full attention of the care providers to heal and recover better, especially those who have self-harming tendencies. Most patients feel much relaxed and recover faster with an inpatient stay at the mental hospital due to the inclusive care provided.


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