Why Choose 918Kiss? Read The Article To Find Out!

Why Choose 918Kiss? Read The Article To Find Out!

The article focuses on one of the largest slot machine websites named 918Kiss. Along with that, the reader is also given a brief on why he should choose 918kiss.


What is 918kiss?

918kiss is an online slot game platform. The platform is an online game camp that has the cuteness of cartoon characters. Because of its features, a lot of users are attracted to the website. The website has a lot of backyard and slot games. One of the reason’s why the website is so popular is because of the bonuses it provides the user. The user can make a lot of money through the website. Along with that, the website also has a partnership with other websites such as heavenslotz and many more. Because of these websites, there are a plethora of games from which the user can choose. The user will not be bored on the website.


The website gives the user very easy access to slot games, therefore men and women of appropriate age can play the games easily. The website also gives the user the freedom to play the game anywhere and anytime he wants. The only things needed to access the website are the device through which the user can play the game and the internet connection. The website is mostly famous in some parts of Asia. The website sees huge monthly traffic which makes it reliable and durable.


Why choose 918Kiss?


  • A good User-interface

The website has been put together really well. Every option is laid out in front of the user on the main page. Made with modern technologies, the website is simple and has a very attractive design and layout. Every label, word, the sentence is being displayed properly in all the languages the website is translated.


  • Money transaction

For any gambling website having a fast and secure money transaction method is mandatory. 918kiss exactly has that. The website has a reliable money transaction system and has various payment methods through which the user can withdraw and deposit money. The website mostly follows a 3-minute rule and most transactions are carried out during that duration.


  • The animation quality of the games

The animation quality of the game is crucial for gaining a good gaming experience on the internet. A good software developing company makes all the games on the website. The picture and the sound quality of the games are some of the main reasons why the website is so popular.


  • Customer service

Like any other successful gambling website, this website also has a dedicated staff that is available 24*7 to solve the player’s issues and problems. The player to get his issues solved has to reach out to the staff through the various social media platforms on which they are present. One of those platforms is the Line app. The user has to scan the QR code for getting in touch with the website through Line.


  • Promotions

The site has a lot of monthly promotions that happen on the website. There are a lot of bonuses, cash prizes. It is very easy to make money through this website. The players are updated every time there a is new promotion scheme happening on the website.


  • Slot articles

The slot articles can give detailed information about slot games, machines, and all the happenings from the world of slots. The blog also reviews various slot games. Because of this feature the user will find all the information from one place.


What is the process for logging in and registering on 918kiss?

The user has to first navigate the option for logging in and registering on the website. After doing that, the user has to click on the option. Before logging in the user has to become a member of the website. For becoming a member, the user has to register. The registration form has a few details which are to be filled in by the user. While filling in the bank details, the user has to use his bank account and account number. Once he successfully registers himself, he will receive a unique username and password using which the user can log in to the website.


What is the process for installing the application?

The application is available for both IOS and android. The player can download the application from the play store for android and from the apple store for IOS. For playing games on the app, the user has to be a member.


What are the various social media handles on which the website is present?

Besides Line, the website is also present on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The user can also reach the website through an email id. Along with he can also chat live with the website employees through the Live chat app.


What does the recommend a friend feature do?

Through this function, the player can get a bonus of 20%. For using this option, the member has to click on the bonus menu. Once that is done, he has to select Refer a friend option and send a link to the referral on the page. The friends to which the user recommends get a deposit and bonus for the first time.


What are the various ways of money transactions on 918kiss?

  • Automatic Top-up method

The automatic Top-up method lets the user withdraw and transfer money in 10 seconds. This method is suitable for mobile phones. For using this method, the user has to log in to the website. After logging in, he has to select the ‘Top-up’ option, which is available on the main page. The next step would be to select the bank account from which the user will make transactions. After that, the user has to transfer the amount of bet from his account to the websites. Once the system checks the validity the user is free to play the game.


  • Withdrawal method

With this method, the user can withdraw money easily from online slots. The first step would be to select the ‘Withdraw’ function from the menu bar. After that, the user has to enter the amount of money he wishes to withdraw. Once that is done, the automatic deposit-withdraw slot system will withdraw the money in less than 10 seconds.


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