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Why Cloud Computing is Important These Days

by Sneha

Cloud computing has been around for almost 2 decades now and is more than just some application you can use to store your photos and videos online. Despite its competitive advantages, a large portion of businesses are still operating without it. According to International Data Group, 69% of businesses have already implemented cloud computing technology while 18% say that they plan on doing the same. 

Data is doubling every year and this has led to many businesses switching to the cloud to keep all their important information, programs, data, and systems safe. Cloud computing allows you to access all your files and data without having to store them on your own computer. Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Drive are all cloud-based applications. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Cost-efficient

This is one of the biggest advantages cloud computing has to offer. Cloud computing provides services on-demand and you only have to pay for the services you are using. This helps you in lowering your operating costs, scaling your business, and running your infrastructure more efficiently. 

Cloud computing is a subscription-based model, which means there are no maintenance expenses. You only pay monthly subscription fees for the services you need. If you no longer need one, you can simply stop paying for it. 

  • Better flexibility

The cloud offers you more flexibility than a local server. Instead of undergoing an expensive and complex update, It instantly provides extra bandwidth. Better flexibility and freedom increase your organization’s overall efficiency. An InformationWeek survey showed that 65% of business professionals believe that flexibility is the main reason you should move your business to a cloud-based environment. 

  • Improved security

A cloud host carefully monitors security and this is more efficient than a traditional in-house system. According to Rapidscale, 94% of businesses reported that they saw a significant improvement in their security after making the switch to cloud computing while 91% said the cloud simplifies the process of meeting government compliance requirements. 

The cloud uses encryption to transmit data over networks and to store it in databases. Encryption makes it harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access to your information. You can also set different security settings based on your requirements. 

  • Data recovery

Fast and efficient data recovery is one of the key factors that determine a business’ success. The process of recovering data from damaged physical servers can prove to be very problematic, especially if the server is badly damaged. This can lead to you losing essential information. 

There is no way to prevent or foresee these malicious attacks, but there is a way to speed up your recovery. Cloud-based services offer fast data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios. When you store your data on the cloud, it is not only stored in one physical location but multiple ones. This is especially crucial for small businesses. They might not have enough resources to set up complex and secure backup systems, making cloud computing an affordable and excellent option. 


There is also an online certification course for cloud computing that will allow you to learn all about the in-demand technologies, tools, and skills you require for this field. 


  • Competitive edge


Cloud computing is not a choice anymore, but a necessity. Implementing cloud-based solutions before your competitors, will set your business ahead in the competition. A Verizon study showed that 77% of businessmen feel that cloud computing gives them a competitive edge, while 16% said this advantage is remarkable.


  • Automatic software updates


You would not want to waste time if you are already on a tight schedule. Instead of updating your applications and software manually, cloud-based applications refresh and update themselves automatically. According to PCWorld, 50% of cloud adopters mentioned fewer internal IT resources as the main cloud benefit. 


If you wish to learn more about the advantages cloud computing has to offer, you can enroll in a post graduation program in cloud computing.

Cloud computing has evolved over the years and is transforming businesses. With competition getting fiercer every day, cloud computing provides a way to improve the efficiency, performance, and productivity of your business. 




Q1: Why is cloud computing important for businesses?

Ans: The main benefit of cloud computing is its ability to minimize capital expenses. By making use of virtualized computing resources, you do not have to spend money on servers, cabling, and routers. 


Q2: Why is cloud computing popular?

Ans: Cloud computing enables you to quickly adapt and cater to the always-changing needs of your business and employees. It can facilitate vast volumes of data and help you create more innovative and powerful ways of working. 


Q3: How does cloud computing help with security?

Ans: Using encryption to transmit data over networks, cloud computing protects your data from hackers trying to gain unauthorized access.  

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