Why Giant Block Games Will Always Be A Crowd Favorite

When it comes to social games currently in the market, giant block games are at the top of the list. You’ll find this popular game that starts off with a stack of wooden blocks built like a tower, in many people’s homes as well as a variety of social establishments like bars.

With the earliest version dating back to the 1980s, this game has become a classic, enjoyed by people in over 100 countries.

So, why are block games so popular at social gatherings?

1. Simple Game

You can join a block game even if you’ve never played before. Yes, the longer you play it, the better your skills become. However, it doesn’t take much to get the drift as a newbie. The whole idea of block games is to remove any block on the tower except the top layer and place it at the top without toppling the entire tower.

Then your opponent does the same, and the game continues until the structure finally tumbles down. Some block games come with a twist, for instance, a puzzle you solve when you stack up the blocks. But they, too, are not too hard to understand and actually make the game more interesting.

2. Mentally and Physically Challenging

A giant block game starts easy. You can pull out a block from almost anywhere without impacting the structure. However, as the game progresses, it becomes more and more challenging. You have to really think about your next move. And more importantly, you have to be super careful and steady when actualizing the move.

As you can imagine, the pressure does intensify with each move as everyone tries to ensure their team emerges the winner.

3. Engages Players of All Ages

One of the best things about block games is there’s no age limit. Anyone and everyone can play them, from the young to the elderly. And they transverse culture. These attributes have made block games a family favorite, popular in family gatherings and get-togethers, as they bring together different generations.

4. No Rules as to the Number of Players

It can be hard to figure out a game you can play that will bring everyone on board more so, if you are the host and have a couple of people coming over. The good thing about choosing a block game is there are no strict regulations as to how many people can play at a time. So, you can play with just one person as the opponent or have multiple people playing individually or in teams. You can even play solo to challenge your mind and pass the time when bored.

Get A Giant Block For Your Next Party

Block games never go out of style. You can play with anyone, indoors or outdoors, and have a blast. So, consider investing in one; your family and friends will always have a good time when they come over. The best part is this game is portable, which means you can carry it with you to make your outdoor events even better.

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