Why Should You Consider Buying Gold on Dhanteras?

Dhanteras occur the day preceding Choti Diwali and two days before Diwali. However, prior to the festivities of Diwali, Dhanteras holds a significant place in the Hindu calendar as one of the most auspicious days. This day is devoted to the fervent worship of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth. It’s not surprising that we associate Dhanteras with gold, as gold is regarded as a propitious metal believed to bring increased prosperity and riches. Hence, it is customary to buy gold on Dhanteras in the form of coins, jewellery, or even statues on this day.

The story behind Dhanteras

The start of the Diwali festivities in India is commemorated on Dhanteras, also known as Dhanavantri Trayodashi and Dhanatrayodashi. A few well-known Hindu mythical tales are also connected to Dhanteras, much like it is to many other religious holidays. While others devote their celebration of Dhanteras to the worship of Lord Yamaraj and Goddess Lakshmi, many devotees honour the medicine deity Lord Dhanvantri. 

Due to the belief that the festival of Dhanteras is auspicious for purchasing metals, people purchase jewellery, equipment for the home and kitchen, cars, and utensils on this day. For happiness, success, and wealth, devotees worship Goddess Lakshmi during Dhanteras. 

Why do Indians buy gold on Dhanteras?

To embrace prosperity

As a symbol of bringing prosperity into their homes and lives, Hindus buy gold on dhanteras. This is so because gold represents wealth and prosperity in addition to being a precious metal.

To worship god

Goddess Lakshmi—the goddess of wealth and prosperity—is worshipped on the occasion of Dhanteras. To buy gold on Dhanteras is to be considered a sacrifice to the Goddess, meant to appease her and win her favour for prosperous and long-lasting well-being.

For investment

Beyond faith-based convictions, gold has long been regarded as a wise investment. Its value has increased over time, year after year, making it a stable asset. Buying gold on Dhanteras gold is a common way for people to invest or save money, particularly on this auspicious day.

Cultural beliefs

It has evolved into a custom to purchase gold during Dhanteras. Families gather to commemorate the day by going coin or jewellery buying. The occasion turns into a generational bonding experience that upholds cultural values.


Many people strongly believe that buying gold on Dhanteras Dhanteras will bring riches and good fortune. This psychological component, which upholds a generation-old idea, motivates people to buy gold on this particular day.

Tips to keep in mind while buying gold on Dhanteras

Buying certified gold

Only certified Gold bearing the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) seal should be purchased. Gold’s superior quality and purity are guaranteed. The purity code, the mark of the testing facility, the jeweller’s mark, and the year of marking should all be taken into account in addition to the hallmark.

Look for the reselling price

It is important to confirm the gold’s resale value and become familiar with the seller’s buy-back policy. While some vendors may take the going rate into account, some sellers reduce a specific percentage of the gold’s value when you resell your jewellery.

Avoid paying cash

If you want to buy gold on Dhanteras, paying with digital payment apps enabled by UPI or banking channels rather than cash is preferable. A purchase invoice must be obtained as well. Make sure there hasn’t been any tampering with the delivery package while purchasing gold online.

Cross-check prices

The price of gold fluctuates; therefore, you should always double-check it. The cost also varies depending on whether you are purchasing 24K, 22K, or 18K pure gold. Additionally, buyers ought to weigh the gold jewellery in relation to its current worth.

Buy from trusted sources

Confirming the gold’s resale value and becoming familiar with the seller’s buy-back policy is important. While some vendors may take the going rate into account, some sellers reduce a specific percentage of the gold’s value when you resell your jewellery.

Final words

Since gold is regarded as a pure metal, we associate it with spiritual purity and mental tranquillity. Furthermore, there is an apparent correlation with affluence. After all, gold is pricey, and investing in it is said to draw in additional cash and could mark the beginning of our rising prosperity. And lastly, the celebration of Diwali, which begins with Dhanteras, is a celebration of lights. We think it brightens our lives and shields us from harm, so people buy gold on dhanteras.

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