Why You Should Use Retractable Air Hose Reels in Your Workshop 

Storing air hoses can be a time-consuming and untidy affair. You have to collect all of the hose, coil it up, find somewhere to hang or place it where it will stay neatly coiled, and then hope that it is not tangled and knotted up next time you come to use it. There’s a simple solution though – retractable air hose reels. Even better, there are a bunch of other benefits to using them, too! 

 What is a retractable air hose reel? 

 Put simply, it’s a reel that you can use to store your air hoses. Most models come with an integrated bracket, so you can easily attach it securely to the wall or ceiling for easy, convenient access. The retraction takes place either automatically or manually, and ensures that the air-hose reel is always neatly and safely stored, ready for when you need it next. 

 What are the benefits of using retractable air hose reels? 

  •  Health and safety 

Trailing air hoses lying around on the floor are a health and safety disaster waiting to happen. Trip and fall injuries are among the most common in the workplace, and so every endeavour should be made to minimise them by removing obstacles on the floor and in walkways – ceiling- or wall-mounted reels are a big step in the right direction. 

  •  Longevity 

 Hoses that are dragged across the floor, stepped on, driven over or otherwise neglected need to be replaced often. The costs can soon mount, especially if you have several hoses. Reels prevent this kind of damage and can save you a lot of money over the years. 

  •  Tidy workspace 

 Having a clear, organised and tidy workspace is one of the keys to improving productivity – so organising, storing and accessing your air hoses by way of a well-placed hose reel can be a real benefit to your output, and contribute to your employees’ satisfaction and general wellbeing. And, of course, any customers who enter your workshop, garage or manufacturing site will see a much tidier and more organised space – something that will reflect well on your business. 

 What to look out for when buying a retractable air hose reel 

 First, you’ll want to make sure that the model you are looking at comes with a bracket for wall or ceiling mounting. Most retractable air hose reels do come with this included, but double check or you could be in for a disappointment. 

 Next, look for auto-layering. This means that when the hose is retracted it is fed back into the reel smoothly, so that it is much easier to unspool again when you need it and that no kinks or twists are present. 

 Thirdly, what kind of hose and reel do you need? Lighter duties can be performed with a PVC or polypropylene hose and a more basic reel, whereas heavy duty users might want a sturdier rubber hose and a stronger, steel-constructed reel. 

 Lastly, you’ll need to consider the length of the hose. Smaller workspaces, or where you have the reel fixed very close to the work, can get away with shorter hoses, larger spaces will need longer hoses. 


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