WOW! bundles offers

If you are looking for an internet connection that offers high internet speed at affordable rates then WOW! internet is the best option. WOW! internet offers its services in limited areas around the United States. They offer services mostly on the east side.

We are listing below the packages that are offered by WOW!, you can choose any package you want.

Packages Internet Speed Data Cap Number of Channels Price per month
Small Cable Up to 200 Mbps Unlimited Internet Up to 90 Channels Up to $69.99 per month
Medium Cable Up to 500 Mbps Unlimited Internet Up to 150 Channels Up to $124.99 per month
Large Cable Up to 1000 Mbps Unlimited Internet Up to 260 Channels Up to $154.99 per month


Small Cable

As we need a high internet speed that supports our work, education and entertainment needs as well, this package can be an ideal one for you. You can easily hook up 4 to 5 devices with your internet, do your work, take those online classes without facing the irritating speed lag issues. When you get free from work you can watch all your favorite shows on WOW! cable it includes all popular channels like FOX, ABC, CBN, CBS, TBN, and many others.

You can work or simply browse online, use social media apps or watch Netflix 200 Mbps is more than enough for that. You will be paying around $69.99 a month for it. These are the promotional discounted rates by WOW!. If your usage is exactly what we described then this is the best option for you.

Medium Cable

If you are a user that wants surety about higher internet speed and if you have a larger household, you can go for the medium cable package. It easily supports up to 7 devices at the same time. No matter if you simply use it for school or work, it will support your VPN as well. You can get consistent high internet speed with up to 500 Mbps internet speed. You can play online games, watch Netflix, and download as much as you want since, there are no data caps, you get to use unlimited internet.

Medium cable package a great and upgraded channel lineup as well that includes more than 150 channels including, ESPN, CNN, AMC, ABC, HISTORY, DISNEY, and many other channels. You can kill your boredom and catch up on all your favorite shows since we are at home, we get enough time and the best way to kill your free time is by watching your favorite show.

You get an elevated internet speed that is enough for 7 to 8 gadgets, and amazing channels line up at a promotional designed price of $124.99 a month.


Large Cable

This is a premium package. If you are a user that looks out for a perfect plan and a package then this is a perfect pick for you. No matter what kind of internet user you have, you can use VPN, do video conferencing, watch Netflix or YouTube videos, FaceTime with your family that is far apart or with your friends, take online classes, and whatnot. You can fulfill all your gaming cravings and play any kind of game from COD (Call of Duty) to Fifa without facing any speed lag or buffering sign issues.

You can connect multiple devices with a blazing-fast internet speed of 1000 Mbps. This speed will fulfill the desires of all internet geeks. When you get your free time in your hands, you can watch all premium channels with an amazing channel lineup.

You can watch more than 250 channels that include the favorite premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, ESPN, and whatnot. You will also get the cloud DVR service with WOW! cable that is offered by a few providers. The internet is also unlimited that sets you free from internet data restrictions. All this will cost you around $154.99 a month on promotional discounted rates that are offered to the new users.

Why you should choose bundle packages

  • You should opt for the bundle packages if you want to set yourself free from the worries of different providers for cable and internet service.
  • You also save more when you choose the bundle options.
  • You get to pay one bill for both services that means no more hassle for different bills.
  • You pay less tax when you are paying one bill.

Summing It Up,

WOW! is an internet service and a cable TV provider that offers amazing bundle packages. You can choose any package of your choice. We have listed the features of packages and we have also clearly mentioned what kind of usage it will support. Make a choice that suits you best. All these packages come with promotional discounted rates that allow you to save more on your monthly service bill.


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