10 Best Blockchain Courses and Certification

10 Best Blockchain Courses and Certification

You have come to the right site if you’re seeking Blockchain Training in Dallas and certifications too. Here, you will know numerous websites like Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, Simplilearn, and others that offer blockchain courses. 

Before beginning, let’s learn what Blockchain is, why it’s so popular, and why you should understand it in 2021.

Blockchain is known as a collection of open-source blocks containing data, the hash of the league, and other data. Depending on its function, each block will store data. When the block is used for money transactions, it will keep the identity of the sender and receiver, as well as the amount of money sent.

There are numerous applications for the Blockchain, including online voting (because it is a more secure method), stock trading, food production, and more, to name a few.

Many businesses realize that Blockchain is the future technology that they need to use for a more secure manner of transacting with customers and more, and a blockchain developer’s annual pay can range from $68k to $150k for experienced developers.

Now that you’ve read this brief introduction to blockchain technology, you’ll be able to view the finest blockchain online courses and certification recommendations that will help you become a blockchain developer and improve the quality and security of your work.

  1. Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases – Coursera

This Coursera class is designed for non-developers and developers who wish to learn the principles of Blockchain. The program isn’t just about educating technology. It will also cover the philosophical notions of decentralization and how they relate to Blockchain technology.

The first modules of this curriculum educate students on the principles of Blockchain and the technology that supports it. Module four goes deeper into Ethereum and Bitcoin while also addressing the importance of next-generation blockchains to the students. It is one of the popular Blockchain Training in Dallas. 

  1. Blockchain Certification Course (CBP) — EC Council

The EC Council’s CBP program teaches theoretical fundamentals and prepares students for real-world job experience. It provides a comprehensive reference for full-stack developers, covering everything from the principles of blockchain technology and how it works to advanced implementation methods.

  1. Blockchain For Business 2021 — Udemy

In this course, you’ll learn about the fundamental ideas of Blockchain and their implications in numerous industries and how to take advantage of them and invest in your professional development.

The course outlines 50 real-world Blockchain applications, giving students an in-depth understanding of the technology’s core characteristics and real-world blockchain applications. It provides information on blockchain applications, big data, land, and vehicle registration, KYC, and assisting farmers, among other topics. It also covers fishing, diamond and gold mining, automobile manufacturing, and many others.

  1. The Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate from Berkeley

This certification will help you learn about this subject’s non-technical and technical aspects, from researching ecosystems to blockchains’ central ideas and technology. It will teach you all you need to know about blockchain systems and distributed ledger technology. You’ll also learn about the workings of blockchain technology, which will aid you in formulating various hypotheses and models.

The themes are discussed engagingly. Additionally, this course includes practical tasks that assist students in expanding their knowledge and potential in the field. You will also learn about cryptocurrency rules, future scope, and ramifications in the realm of Blockchain through this course.

  1. P. G. Diploma in Blockchain Technology – UpGrad

This course is more precisely designed for college graduates and working professionals in various employment categories and sectors. It offers 250+ hours of hands-on training and industry exposure while teaching the principles of Blockchain. This program also includes an IIT Bangalore PG Certificate. This course will benefit from 1:1 tailored mentoring from blockchain industry leaders.

Even though no prior coding experience is required, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, or Mathematics to take this course. It was created with software developers, IT professionals, analysts, and technical leads in mind. The Blockchain applications in IoT and AI are not covered in this course.

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) — 101 Blockchains

This course teaches advanced blockchain architecture ideas through the study of Blockchain use cases. It also assists customers in selecting the best blockchain technology for their needs. The course includes in-depth interviews with blockchain specialists as well as personalized guidance throughout. Developers, IT administrators, software and cloud architects, and others will benefit from this training. If you have the basics covered up, you can take up this Blockchain Training in Dallas.

  1. Blockchain Technology — EdX

The University of California, Berkeley established this course, which provides a comprehensive introduction of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology foundations issues. It includes industry use cases and a quick overview of blockchain implementation in industries such as JP Morgan’s Quorum, Ripple, and HyperLedger.

  1. Blockchain: Principles and Practices — Pluralsight

The course starts with an overview of cryptography and how to store single and multiple transactions within a block. It will later teach how to use mining and proof-of-work to construct a blockchain tamper-proof. Finally, it will instruct on how to create Blockchain nodes that maintain consensus. It will assist you in comprehending the knowledge required to construct Blockchain and adequately deploy it.

  1. Certified Blockchain Developer — Educative

It’s an intermediate course covering the fundamentals of Blockchain and cryptography concepts like hash functions and PKI encryption. It also delves into IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric technology to assist engineers interested in gaining Blockchain experience with a Hyperledger Fabric focus. You will be able to launch your blockchain network at the end of the course.

  1. Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain – Simplilearn 

This certification program will begin learning from the fundamentals and understanding the deeper technical and functional aspects. By learning these blockchain solutions, you will slowly become an expert with the best tools and techniques. 

These are some of the programs and certifications and if you want to know more details about Blockchain Training in Dallas, visit the websites to learn about them. 


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