Ways You Can Tell If Your Loose Diamonds Are Genuine Or Fake

When looking to invest in something like diamonds, you will need to ensure that what you are looking to purchase is genuine. If you are a trained gemologist, it is often much easier to tell if diamonds are genuine or not, but if not, there are ways you can look to check the precious stone’s authenticity. Below are some tips and advice for you to follow before you go out shopping for loose diamonds to understand what you are buying and know what to look for in a genuine diamond.

Understanding The 4 Cs

One of the first things you will want to educate yourself on is the 4 Cs of diamonds, which also transfers to other gems. The 4 Cs are as follows:

Cut – The way the diamond is cut and how many facets it has. There are various cuts popular with gemstones, including princess, brilliant, emerald, and oval cuts.

Colour – The color of the diamond also has a bearing on its value, and with standard diamonds, you are looking for clear transparent gems with as little color as possible.

Clarity – The clarity of the gems also has a bearing on their value, and the fewer inclusions or imperfections, the more the diamond is worth. 

Carat – The carat refers to the weight of the diamonds, and the bigger they are, the more they are worth, although some cuts can create an illusion of a more significant gem than it is.

Once you understand what makes a diamond valuable, you can then start to look for the perfect diamonds for you to buy. For example, you will want to check champagne diamond price per carat or any other colored diamonds you fancy.

Ask For A Diamond Certificate

When you are looking to purchase diamonds from a reputable dealer, you will want to ask for the diamond’s certificate of authenticity if they have one. These are issued by independent laboratories that test the gems sent to them and then create a report highlighting all their features. However, these do cost money, so if there is no certificate available, there are other ways you can spot genuine diamonds from the fakes.

The Dot Test

You can do a simple test using a pen and piece of white paper to tell if the diamonds are genuine. Put a dot in the middle of the paper and then take the diamond and place the flat edge on the spot. Look through the pointed end of the diamond, and if you can see the dot, it is fake, and if you cannot see it, you have a genuine diamond.

The UV Light Test

You can also use a UV light to test diamonds, but this does not work on all of them. Most genuine diamonds will emit a blueish light when you shine a UV light on them, which indicates they are authentic, most of the time.

The Water Test

You can also use water to test if your diamonds are genuine or not. Fill a small glass half full of water, and then submerge the diamond you are testing into it. If the stone sinks to the bottom, it is genuine, and if it floats at all, you have a fake gem.

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