4 Tips on How You Can Actually Choose the Right Makeup Shade With Australia’s Wide Cosmetic Industry

 Being the World’s 6th largest country, Australia is indeed a hotspot for growing industries with its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounting up to $1.397 trillion in 2019 – one of the top contributing industries in this economic progress is the beauty and wellness industry, wherein its market value went up to $3.73 billion in 2020.


Considering the high numbers which were all driven by trends and digital interaction, one of the key trends of cosmetic consumerism is the people’s choice to buy makeup online in Australia. There are a wide variety of websites and digital shops to choose from – which may leave the consumers confused on what specific product to buy. Australia is gifted with a bright and scorching heat of the sun, do you think your makeup is on the right shade?


How can you pick the right shade when you’re buying online?

Picking the right shade for foundations and concealers and also for the right colour palettes for your eye makeup is notoriously hard, especially for indecisive consumers. But don’t fret, this article is here to help you out with that.


  • Get to know your skin

In getting to know your skin, it isn’t only essential to know how sensitive your skin is, but you also need to identify which parts of your face are prone to oiliness, dry skin and flaking. This way you’re going to figure out what type of finish and coverage your skin needs. Remember, when it comes to skincare and cosmetics, always purchase what your skin needs, not what your skin wants.


  • Have you ever heard of undertones?

Knowing your undertones is extremely essential not only in choosing your makeup base but for your lipstick and eye makeup as well – there are three basic undertones, warm, cool, and neutral. Undertones are the natural colour of your skin’s surface, to know more about this aspect, you can check it here.


  • Take Your Best Picks

Once you have identified what your skin needs, you will move on to your top choices. And if you’re stuck in between two different shades, it’s safer to get the lighter one. Why? Because it’ll be easier to darken its finish using a bronzer.


  • Beauty Gurus to the Rescue

If you’re still in doubt on what’s on your cart and you need an expert’s opinion, you can search it up. Trends are very powerful in the makeup industry so, if you want to buy makeup online in Australia, Australia’s best makeup gurus can help you out with that!



Is makeup online shopping better regardless of the difficulty to find the perfect shade?

Makeup and cosmetics websites are more accessible when it comes to browsing – everyone knows that makeup shopping is not a one brand purchase but consumers rather have a diverse and wide choice of products in their carts. So, it is extremely beneficial for consumers if they have a one-stop-shop for everything that they need.


Aside from accessibility, beauty shops also offer many discounts and promo vouchers, free shipping and provide freebies for customers. So, what else is there to lose? Besides replacement and returns policies of every shop is feasible, so no worries if you accidentally got the wrong shade.


Stay on fleek

Take your most needed makeup needs with just a few flicks and clicks. Accessibility and affordable rates and shopping deals are always in the corner of makeup online shopping for you. Add to cart now!



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