A Guide To Buying The Best Motorcycle Jackets For Men

There are a few more things other than racing suits and helmets that look iconic while riding a bike. Yes, you heard it correctly! Biker and motorcycle jackets for men have become quite prevalent and they are a part of the fashion culture now.  These jackets do complete justice to men by portraying toughness, and independence.  Well, coming to the importance of these motorcycle jackets, their goal is to provide both style and safety to shield the driver from any harm.

When did Motorcycle jackets gain popularity?

It was in the middle of the 40s when these jackets gained their apex. Apart from making a dashing and bold statement, they protect the drivers (their torso and arms) from injury, breeze, abrasions, etc. Far better and strong than usual leather jackets, these represent a strong personality.

What factors to look for when choosing motorcycle jackets for men?

It can be tiring to choose motorcycle jackets for men and especially when you are new to it. However, it can be a tedious task, but you have to do it as you will never want to look unsound in that piece. Isn’t it better to spend a few more bucks to buy a durable jacket that won’t fall apart? Well, it is worth it. In this guide, you may find the solution regarding buying quality and stylish motorcycle jackets.

Let’s start this guide with a question. What’s special about a motorcycle jacket? Well, you might know the answer. It is special because it does protection more than anything else. However, buying a quality jacket means investing in more factors than simply a quality garment. As you may also know, ruggedness and toughness are only half the story. The other half is choosing a jacket that enhances your appeal. Besides, it must also guard your skin against the abrasions of nature.  

Now, the first thing that you should immediately check while looking for a good riding jacket is whether it will protect your flesh. Sharp grit flying off the road or the random pebble is thrown at you by another vehicle’s passage can cause serious damage if it makes contact with soft tissue. However, assure that the said jacket is portable. In more cases than one, you will not be using it while racing down the road at outrageous speeds. Thus, look for a jacket that is both heavy and portable which makes it easier to manoeuvre. 

It would be worth your time and money to invest in a jacket that has reflective piping as well.  With the number of incidents due to rash driving and other such blunders nowadays, it is of utmost necessity to identify yourself while on the road. If you can, get hold of a good tailor who specializes in jackets, and he can add these extensions for you. One should wear reflective material preferably on the arm straps and the legs. It adds to visibility and makes your road trip a tad safer for you. Let me give you an idea. Have you seen the kind of flashy, fluorescent jackets that many construction workers wear nowadays? If you can get one of those, it should take care of the problem rather nicely. 

Many jackets nowadays also come with integrated armour. Suppose you lose control of your bike or hit a loose rock or animal, or meet any such mishap while driving. To avoid serious injury, you need some protection in your jacket as well. Try to avoid the cheap knockoffs that are available dime a dozen in the market; the ones with some foam cladding inside the fabric. It is not good enough at all. What you need is full body armour. And that includes pockets at the elbows to prevent much scraping and scratching. Nobody wants to end up with a mangled or broken spine. Trust me, looking ugly is the softest punishment you can get for travelling carelessly and hitting your spine against some sharp rock. It is an avoidable scenario in any given circumstance. And, when you are out to buy a riding jacket make sure it comes with good armour thoroughly protecting every vital organ of your body. Stretching your wallet to fit your needs can be done since several affordable options are also available. One only has to look. 

Now, you need a jacket that fits you. There is no one size fits all policy here. An extremely short jacket barely covers your feet. Look for one with a long tail. So it does not ride up and leave your skin exposed when you are travelling at high speeds. In short, buy something in which you will feel snug and comfortable. Also, bear in mind the convenience of the jacket. There are a lot of factors to consider like weather, locale, environment, etc. You don’t want to wear an extremely bulky jacket in the middle of August that will sap your strength after a few miles. Neither do you want to wear a thin jacket in winter that will leave you shivering and exposed after a mere hour? Your best bet is a jacket you can wear anytime and anywhere. Look for mesh materials. They are all the rage among bikers and easy to get your hands upon. 


Lastly, when you buy a motorcycle jacket, ensure that you can sit in a comfortable position. As you move, make sure your jacket moves along giving you that needed comfort. Your jacket should be so comfortable that it should not hamper or obstruct your activities to drive your bike. It is crucial to check the armour is at its appropriate position. Moreover, see if your jacket can be adjusted the way you feel comfortable. A motorcycle jacket does the work of protecting you from harm so, it should do that properly. 

You have found the one if it fits you completely and you are sure about the fitting. Well, this is the time to celebrate the fitting by quickly going on a ride. The life of the motorcycle jackets is usually long because of the materials used in their establishment. That is why it is always expected that the jacket should serve you for miles and more. With time, bikes upgrade the jackets with many things but, that is possible only when your piece is comfortable and fits you correctly. So, before buying motorcycle jacket for men, ensure to take care of these things.


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