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Review of 4raBet mobile app

With a name like 4raBet, this bookie seems to know how to make heads turn. Founded in 2019, the bookie has taken its time to roll out the 4raBet download but now that it’s here, there’s nothing else to do but review it. With the amount of competition out there, going Android is something that all bookies should at least have in their competitive strategies. 

While it is something not entirely new, there at least exists some semblance of calm in having alternatives to the website. The website may not altogether be bad, but the app brings something to the table that a browser just can’t.

Downloading the 4raBet app to an Android device

4rabet is just like any other typical bookmaker. As such, it may come as no surprise to find it missing from the official app store. Google is a bit restrictive of applications that simulate or provide a means of taking part in games of chance. This is not to say that the installation task is impossible or difficult. An alternative solution to this conundrum exists and a solution provided by the bookie. This process, rather than using PlayStore, uses the apk installer instead. This file can be easily located in the Downloads section of their website. All you need is a stable internet connection and it all but takes a few seconds tops. A security warning is bound to show up. However, since we know where this app comes from, just ignore it and proceed with downloading.

Installing 4raBet on an Android device.

Running an installation with the apk file is a lot like running one on a PC. Just opening the file is all you need to do. When you try this, the first thing that comes up is a security warning. The first one comes up when you try to save it and another when you open it. This is part of the process and you should be more surprised if it doesn’t. You see, the type of file has the capabilities of modifying your system and this should only be initiated by the user. All those warnings are kept in place to ensure that you are at least in control of your device and not being done without your consent. You will be forced to confirm the installation by providing it with permission to modify your device. A quick trip to your settings is all you need and you might be forced to trigger the installation again. The wizard then guides you through pretty much the rest of the way and once done, just click its icon to launch it. And there you have it. How to install 4raBet to your phone.

Download the 4raBet to your Apple device

Apple is a different matter altogether. While Google might have community standards to maintain, apple has more security standards to maintain. This manufacturer has one of the most secure platforms out there and this is mainly due to their strict app policies. Despite not being the first to come up with an app store, this company pretty much defined what it should be like. This ensures all installations have to go through the app store. This is good news for us seeing as we can download it directly. To download 4raBet to your iPhone, we just need to open the app store. Finding it is as simple as entering the word 4raBet on the search bar. The results will contain several options so it is important to note the logo and reviews for each. Once you have it identified, click download to get it on your iPhone.

Installing 4rabet on Apple devices

iPhone users have one of the most secure ecosystems out there. With a tight leash on their development process, it is impossible to bypass their store policies. Many have termed this tight control as unconducive to innovation but to some extent, it has some perks. With this in mind, the manufacturer has been unable to find any justifiable reason to lock out the bookmaker seeing as this is an entirely separate market. This is why you can find the 4rabet app on their app store. To install it requires a simple search and click. Key in the keywords, ‘4rabet’, and more often than not the first result in the app store will most likely be the bookie. Now it is important to know the bookie’s logo seeing as similar applications can be found on the platform. Once you identify it, click the install button and in a few seconds, you can get to playing on 4rabet from the comfort of your Apple device.

Mobile Version of 4raBet

For all intents and purposes, there is no perfect system out there in existence. It is for this reason that the mobile application cannot be guaranteed to work 100% of the time. There will also come a time when your mobile device is not at hand. Not to worry though, rabbet has got you covered. Looking at the bookie, it comes as no surprise they do have a mobile-friendly website for their customers. Their main website, though usable, isn’t exactly built for much smaller displays. This especially becomes a nuisance when you have to navigate especially when placing a wager. Accidental touches could lead to losses. The mobile version comes built with all this in mind. Looking at it, it has no difference with the mobile 4raBet app except for it being used on a browser. Everything works just the same and you need not worry about any installation procedure. Simply use any browser found on your mobile device.

Contrasting the application from the mobile website

Now, it may seem confusing to some, the mobile app and the mobile version, but what exactly differentiates the two. Both of them can be used to access the 4raBet marketplace but what are the differences between them. The main distinction between the two is one factor and that is how you use it. The key distinction between the two is where you access the markets. The application is standalone and only serves the sole purpose of providing you access to the 4raBet. The alternative mobile version is used through your phone’s browser. You can perform other tasks using the browser besides gaming on 4raBet. Another major difference is the amount of personalization that can occur. With the application, you can do all sorts of things like set up notifications for your favourite teams as well as winning and running bets. This level of personalization is unavailable on the mobile version. This is the only distinction between the two. However, both platforms have the same functionality and you won’t find a gaming tool on the mobile version absent from the application.

What are the minimum system needs for the 4raBet Android app?

When it comes to mobile devices, there is no platform with as much diversity as Google’s Android. The platform is used by almost all of the major manufacturers and their range of products allows devices with varying levels of performance to handle the operating system well. That being said, there are limitations on what you need to operate certain applications. Similar to a car, you can’t make your suburban a tractor. The 4raBet app is just the same. You need to have at least some amount of resources available to the app for it to run as designed. The following are the minimum requirements for installation and operation. For installation you need:

To operate the application at peak performance, you will need at least the following:

  • 3G internet speeds: You will need at least a stable 3G internet speed to enjoy features such as streaming and in-play betting. The application needs to constantly update the changing odds and as such you need to be on a fast network
  • 100M Free RAM space: The app has a very lightweight footprint and does little in consuming the bulk of your system’s resources. Getting the application to run without delays will need at least 100Mb of free memory. With this, you don’t experience lags or crashes in a matter as time-sensitive as wagering.
  • 1 GHz processor: Your phone should at least have a processing speed of 1 GHz. While most processors nowadays are designed with multiple cores, a single-core processor does just fine. However, should you be using one, running background tasks may slow the performance of the app.

When all is said and done, the application is a great solution though not a perfect one. In the case of being unable to meet these requirements, the 4rabet app may launch but run much slower. This is where it would be wise to switch to the mobile version.

What are the system requirements to run 4raBet on iOS devices?

If there’s one thing that Apple does right, is designing their devices with cutting edge technology. While including innovative designs may have come back to bite them a couple of times, it is safe to say it has prevented their devices from going prematurely obsolete. This makes most iPhone devices premium devices with top of the range features. However, there are some minimum system requirements for much older devices. To run the 4raBet application on your device, you will need at least:

  • 100 Mb system memory
  • 200 Mb local storage on your Apple product
  • At least iOS 8.1
  • The processing speed of at least 1 GHz.

Some much older devices may have the physical resources but lack the iOS update to run the app. In such a scenario it is better to use the mobile version using the phone’s browser.


Looking at 4raBet, you get the impression that the bookie is walking a very fine line. To compete in a market such as theirs, they have to at least have offerings to match their rivals and an Android application is one of them. The bookie has always had plans to increase their market share and the Android app is one way to get more customers. The application is not lacking in any sense but instead gives you everything you might expect from a bookie’s app. In regards to performance, it is just as described with more features rumoured to be in the works. The app borrows a lot from the main site with features like match notifications and highlights being included as a new addition. The app is also more ergonomic and a lot has gone into making it as simple as possible to use. Overall, a great recommendation regardless of it being still relatively new.


Can you get the 4raBet application at no cost?

Yes, if you have had any difficulties finding a free version, simply go to the official 4raBet website.

How can you join 4raBet?

Should you be looking to join in the action sign up by simply filling in your details on their Registration page. That is all you need to do to join.

How do you load your 4raBet account with funds if you are in India?

This platform comes with the most popular transaction channels for its customers. Use any of the available methods regardless of your location.

What is the process of placing a wager on the 4raBet platform?

To place one, simply go to the market and pick an odd. Then go to your slip and fill the wager amount and submit it to place.

How do you carry out a withdrawal on 4raBet?

To withdraw, go to your account and fill in the amount you want. Select the channel you want to be used and submit to complete your request.

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