5 Social Posts Design Trends to Follow

Following social media trends is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your audience on social media. By following current trends, you’ll make it more likely for people to find your social posts, no matter what platform they’re on.

If you’re ready to elevate your social posts, keep reading. We’re going to share five graphic design trends that you need to know in order to grow your profile.

  1. Maximalism

As the name suggests, maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. Rather than shying away from colors and shapes, maximalism embraces them.

With this social media graphic design trend, you’ll see more textures, colors, shapes, and objects throughout the post.

It’s meant to make social media posts dramatic and loud. That’s how you catch the attention of people scrolling through millions of posts. Yours has to stand out somehow.

  1. Retro

Retro is exactly what it sounds like. We’re bringing it back to the 60s and 70s and its quirky, playful style. The point of this trend is to avoid taking yourself too seriously.

Pick up some large glasses and have fun with bright neons and pastels in squiggly shapes.

The key to retro styles is symmetry. Without this guideline, the fun colors and shapes may become too much for the eye.

  1. Inclusive Imagery

Inclusive imagery has been a long time coming. As we learn more about the world around us, we’re drawn to represent more people.

This graphic design trend speaks out against racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, and so much more.

By including all kinds of different people in your social media posts, you’ll be showing your audience that you see them, all of them. Without adequate representation, you may be leaving some groups out of your social media audience.

We all know that there’s one overarching rule in social media: cast a wide net.

Don’t miss out on some exposure by forgetting to include people who don’t look like you.

  1. Anti-Design

Anti-design is a social media post design that embraces asymmetry and unexpected color combinations.

Some designers even proclaim the trend to be ugly on purpose. Although, the technical term for anti-design is anti-modernism.

People find themselves drawn to these designs because they’re so different from the bright post you usually see on social media platforms.

  1. Trendy Zine

Trendy Zine takes us back to bright colors that pop. This trend features neon-pastel colors surrounded by crazy shapes and playful fonts.

This is the quintessential style for the Gen Z market, and it’s proving to be a hit. To make this kind of graphic design trend on your social media posts, you may need a refresher on one thing: remove background.

A lot of these styles paste isolated pictures over solid, bright colors. The typical backgrounds of your photos may not be a hit with the new generation.

Start Making Trendy Social Posts

Each one of these ideas could be a great start to your next round of social posts. Pick the one that aligns with your vision.

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