How To Get  The first 1000 Subscribers  On YouTube Channel

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel? If so then you need to focus on optimizing your content based on your target keywords. While it may not be easy to get 1000 Subscribers within a day, posting videos constantly about a similar topic can help get momentum for the YouTube algorithm.

If you post videos every day, people will be curious to keep checking on your next videos. In the long run, you are likely to appeal to the target audience and attract more subscribers. However, you should target keywords with enough traffic to get more views and improve your ranking.

Remember for you to monetize your channel, you should have at least 1000 subscribers. Once you fail to reach the milestone, you may not be able to monetize your channel. It is against this backdrop that you should strive to grow your YouTube channel to unlock more opportunities for your brand.

In this article, we explore ways you can get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers for your channel

#1. Choose a Niche

The worst mistake you can make is discussing everything on your YouTube channel. Some go overboard to discuss movies, hiking, and anything that they find interesting. This is common among vloggers who talk about everything without choosing a specific niche.

The biggest undoing in discussing multiple topics is that you are likely to confuse your audience. In other words, niching down on a YouTube channel helps in reaching out to people who are interested in a specific niche. The more you narrow down your audience the more you are likely to attract more subscribers.

#2. Identify The Right Keywords

There are dozens of YouTube videos posted by various content creators daily. Therefore you need to use the right keywords to have an edge over your competitors. For example, you can use TubeBuddy to look for the most competitive search terms in a particular niche, how much traffic a search term receives, and recommended search terms.

Although the app is free to download, you can go for the paid package to access more advanced features.

#3. Focus on a Good  Title and Thumbnail

 Investing time and effort in creating an appealing Thumbnail and Title goes a long way in luring viewers. It is good to note that the first things viewers are likely to see when perusing YouTube are the thumbnail and video titles.

If the video and thumbnail are attractive, then viewers may click on the video which in turn increases the video’s CTR. A higher CTR is critical in not only growing subscribers but also getting your videos recommended.

In case you aren’t a professional graphic designer, you can use canva to create appealing thumbnails. The platform is free and easily accessible.On the other hand, professional graphic designers can use illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to produce exceptional thumbnails.

#4. Social Media Promotion

While you can easily use social media to promote your videos, you need to choose the right social media channel. This is the problem with new YouTubers who think promoting their YouTube videos everywhere across social media channels can yield good results.

Unfortunately, promoting videos blindly on various social media channels rarely works. You are likely to get little to no traffic with this trick. The best way to promote Your YouTube channel is by choosing a social media channel that comes with an inbuilt engaged audience.

 All you need is to focus on creating high-quality content which may easily spark engagement even without subscribers. For an effective social media promotion, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups are ideal options.

IF you choose to use Facebook to promote your videos, ensure the videos shared are of high quality. Promoting poorly produced videos not only injures the reputation of your brand but also the groups you share your content with. It is, therefore, necessary to spend time creating high-quality video content to not only attract followers but also grow your brand.

#5. Produce Educational Content

The best content that you can create for your Youtube channel is educational content. This type of content is the most effective in growing a new  YouTube channel. If you are yet to start a new YouTube channel, you can focus on creating educational content. Most of these viewers are always looking for thoughtful content.

For instance, tutorials, video essays, and how-to videos form the backbone of this type of content. It is for this reason that some of the most popular videos fall under this category.

 #6. Post Consistently

Consistency is critical in growing a YouTube channel. New YouTube content creators should treat their uploading schedule like a TV show. For TV shows, episodes are uploaded every week at the same time or periodically.

It is for this reason that TV viewers know when to watch a show and reserve that time to watch their favorite programs. The same applies to YouTubers.Whatever schedule you choose, uploading a video at least once a week, every two weeks or monthly goes a long way in getting viewers glued to your content. As such, viewers are likely to show up every time you upload a new video.

#7. Focus on Quality than Quantity

Producing high-quality videos is more important than sharing tons of poorly produced video content. In this case, quality refers to videos that offer value or solutions to the target audience. If the video resonates with the audience and doesn’t mislead them then the quality is good.

While some may think sharing highly polished videos and spending a fortune on buying high-end video production equipment counts, you need to focus on sharing content that is relevant to the target audience.

Despite sharing highly produced video content, a simple short video should not only be entertaining but also add value to the viewer. Having said that, you need to focus on good lighting conditions and good equipment to ensure the videos produced meet better quality standards.

 Besides putting effort into producing a high-quality video with a better sound, it is good to focus on the quality of pictures. You may easily put off viewers by sharing a funny video that has a poor sound shot under poor lighting conditions.

#8. Create Longer Videos 

Producing longer videos goes a long way in creating a strong and successful YouTube channel. Such videos are not only ideal for growing your channel but also offer a better opportunity for monetization.

For example, you can place more than one ad break in eight minutes videos. This means YouTubers have control over where and how many ads they can place on a video. On the contrary, videos shorter than eight minutes can only place one ad and have no control over where they should place an ad since it’s random.

Additionally, longer videos rank higher on YouTubes algorithm compared to shorter videos. The reason why YouTube ranks longer videos higher on its platform is that they need people to stay longer on the platform.

The good news is that once you upload high-quality longer videos, YouTubes algorithm will push your videos to more users along with improving your ranking on search results. So, which way forward? While longer videos take time and effort to make, the ad revenue, SEO, and payoff are worth it.


It takes a combination of factors to generate the first 1000 subscribers for new YouTubers.Even though the process requires effort and time, you can easily grow your YouTube channel if you master the concepts shared in this article.

Whether you are a new YouTuber struggling to grow your channel or just starting with YouTube, you can easily get tons of followers if you understand the ropes.



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