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5 Cliches About Football Betting You Should Avoid

by Sneha

5 Cliches About Football Betting You Should Avoid


Although football is a fun and exciting sport to watch in person, it can also be a very complex and difficult game to bet on. However, when in doubt about anything in the world of sports betting, we always tell folks that they should avoid clichés — no matter how true or popular that cliché might be. So today we’re going to provide you with five of the most common betting clichés about football. In this article, you’ll get an education on these clichés and what they mean for your bets.

With that said, let’s get to know these five clichés about football betting before trying your luck at parimatch:

#1: “I think I’ll take the points”

This is a phrase that everyone uses. Everyone. From casual bettors to advanced scalpers and prop bettors, everybody says this; and we’ve probably all used it on more than one occasion — and it’s simply not a good idea. Why? Well, plain and simple: you’re committing for the OVER/UNDER on the game. And unless you’re a superstar handicapper, there is no way you’re going to be able to predict the outcome of this game 100% of the time. 

So why set yourself up for failure? Instead, most folks I ask to tell me that they think they’ll take points. And while most folks are far from being superstars at handicapping games, there are still plenty of people who can do quite well when they know how to handicap games. What’s the point in taking points when you have so little control over what is happening? Often, taking points is just asking for disaster. Instead, bet on the UNDER or UNIT on the game by choosing teams that are heavily favored in this contest.

#2: “I just want to win money”

One of the biggest mistakes that most sports bettors make is to bet their money on themselves. And because most sports bettors are not great handicappers, the risk often ends up being far too high. Why? Well, simply because when you’re betting on yourself it’s very difficult for you to gain confidence in your handicapping skills. So what happens? Most people who try to use themselves as wagers lose their entire bankroll. They keep betting and betting until they hit rock bottom and go bankrupt.

The only way to gain true confidence in your handicapping ability is to bet on your skills. And this means you have to put yourself in the game. If you want to win, then bet on the UNDER or UNIT on this game. If you just want to bet some money, then give yourself a chance for winning by entering into a side bet with one of your buddies or choosing your side on a parlay. And if you just want to have fun, then also select the UNDER or UNIT as long as it’s not too intense and high risk for you.

#3: “The best bet is to put your money on two teams”

This is another big cliché when it comes to sports betting, but it’s also very common. And this one usually comes from people who are not well-known handicappers. When I ask people why they think this, most tell me that the reason is that they’re better at handicapping two teams than they are at handicapping one team.

Is this really true? You bet it isn’t! The reality is that if you’ve done any research into team performances in recent games, odds are you haven’t found anything positive about putting your money on two teams. It just isn’t a very smart move. There are far more advantages for betting one team than there are advantages for betting two. And honestly, if you’re just starting out and don’t have much knowledge or experience about sports handicapping, using the UNDER/UNIT is probably your best bet.

#4: “I think I’m going to bet on this game”

When it comes to sports betting, most folks know that they should avoid clichés like the plague. And one of the most commonly used clichés is the old adage about betting on an early game.

And for good reason, right? Most folks are completely shocked when they are making their first sports betting decision, or when they are trying to decide which game to select as a wager. It’s easy to make the mistake of picking a game that’s not going well for either team. And if you don’t have any experience with handicapping games, then the odds are that you’re not going to succeed at selecting a winning wager on an underdog. And if you’re putting your money on yourself, then you’re probably asking for trouble by betting on an early game.

So what’s the answer? The best way to select a game to bet on is by picking games that are expected to be closer. This doesn’t mean that you should put all of your money on an underdog or an underdog side. It means that you should bet on games with positive odds. And why is this so important? Because it means there is an opportunity for you to win big if things go south for your favorite team. And even if things go well for one of the teams, at least there is still a chance that the other team might lose.

#5: “I want to bet the OVER”

There isn’t a team in all of the sports betting that I hate more than the OVER. And this cliché is just as bad as it sounds. There is no point in putting your money into all of these higher odds that simply don’t make sense. Why? Because if you’re relying on the OVER, then chances are that you’re not handicapping games well enough to ever win on your favorite team. And even if you are handicapping games well, having too much faith in this strategy will end up costing you some serious money.

Instead, I recommend that you bet on the UNDER or UNIT. And why is this so important? Because the OVER does not have a high win probability. It’s just about 50/50 for most games that are played in the NFL and the NBA. So if you’re going to place your bets on a team that you enjoy and have a chance to win, then bet on a team that has an extremely high percentage chance of winning the game. It’s better for your bankroll, and it will make sure that you don’t use up all of your money when things go bad with your favorite teams.

  • Conclusion

I hope that I’ve made the point clear that handicapping games are not for everyone. And no matter how good you are at handicapping, the reality is that if you are relying on clichés, you are going to have a tough time making money with sports betting. What’s the point of putting your money on yourself if you don’t have confidence in your skills? And why risk all of your money when you’re betting on gimmicks that don’t work?

Instead, bet on yourself. If you want to bet some money on yourself or wager against one of your buddies, then choose the UNDER/UNIT as long as it doesn’t have too much risk for you.


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