5 Tips on How to Make Money Online by Self-isolating at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic caused India to go into a forced lockdown for an extended period, just like many other countries around the world. Forced to follow social distancing norms and stay at home without jobs, millions of Indians were forced to look for ways to make money online during the lockdown.

Guest author Ram Rao Oak shares 5 tips on how to make money online when you are self-isolating at home. Even though lockdown restrictions are now lifted in India, you can still use these tips to find work from home income generating gigs. 

Sell Old Stuff Online

Are you living in a cluttered house? Is your living space badly in need of cleaning? Now that you have some free time, you can clean up. Monetize the activity by selling all your old and unused items online.

You can sell anything online via easy-to-use Indian platforms like OLX, Quikr, eBay, Craigslist India, and many other forums for buyers and sellers. It is a great way to convert clutter into cash.

Play at an Indian Online Casino

Online casino gaming is a grey spot in the Indian legal landscape, but that doesn’t stop international operators from accepting Indian players, supporting INR, and offering popular Indian games like online Rummy, Teen Patti, and Andar Bahar. You won’t get into trouble with the Indian government for playing online casino games, but make sure to sign up at licensed, reputed, and regulated online casinos.

Also, you have to remember that playing at online casinos is not a guaranteed income-generation activity. But if you get lucky, you may win a life-altering jackpot. Many people have won jackpots while playing Indian online casino games.

You can play games of chance such as slots and roulette and test your luck, or you can play games of skill like poker and blackjack and test your strategies. You can start playing at the best online casino in India for free because online casinos do not charge for registering an account. Moreover, you can take advantage of the many welcome bonuses and play online casino games for free. But first, take a look at https://casinosindian.com/ to know which casinos in India are worth your time. 

Write Articles

If your favorite subject in school was English and you have a passion for writing, you can try freelance writing. Copywriters, content writers, bloggers, and article writers are very much in demand these days as the world is slowly but surely turning digital.

Create a portfolio, a blog, or a website to showcase your work and get clients. Join job portals and writer’s forums to get gigs and writing assignments. And before you know it, you will be earning a steady income as a freelance writer.


Do you like the idea of generating a six-figure income in the comforts of home? Many Indian bloggers are doing this even as we write.

Blogging is not rocket science. Anybody can do it. What’s more, you don’t need to be highly educated to become a successful blogger. You only need to be passionate about a subject. Blog about something you love and create a faithful community of followers.

All you need is a website, but you don’t need to know any programming languages. Just hire a web developer or use a website building platform such as Wix or WordPress to start a blog or website in a few minutes.

Promote your content through the social networking sites Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. You can also create vlogs on Twitch, YouTube, or Vimeo, get likes and followers, and boost your income.

Teach at Home

You don’t need to have any teaching experience to give online lessons about something you love. Maybe you know how to paint or play the keyboard. Or maybe you are good at a subject and can help a college student improve her grades. Take a few minutes to see what subjects or hobbies fascinate you and what your friends keep complimenting you on.

You will be amazed to know that there are thousands of people around the world who struggle to do what you find so easy. Make use of platforms like FaceTime, Zoom and, Skype to give music lessons, math tutorials, or fitness instructions at home. You can also be adventurous and launch online courses teaching people how to get their parrot to talk, how to invest in cryptocurrencies and, how to teach your toddler to read.


You may have noticed that none of the income-generation activities mentioned above require a huge investment. You may have to invest a small amount in creating a website or a blog if you want to become a freelance writer or a blogger, but nothing that will burn a hole in your wallet. Do keep in mind though that starting it is always difficult but don’t give up!  


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