6 Online Gift Cards You Can Reward your Employees With

Employees consider recognition, compensation, and appreciation to be the most intrinsically motivating components in any work environment. Interestingly, nothing brings around these aspects better like rewarding the deserving workers with gifts and tokens of appreciation. Considerably, awarding employees with gift cards offers them the variability to convert the reward into something they love, whether a vacation, shopping, or a holiday getaway. Gift cards are the most cost-effective and efficient way to appreciate your employees for their loyalty and contribution to your organization.

This article highlights some of the best online gift cards you can consider to reward your employees with.

Visa Gift Card

Second, to cash and check rewards, a MasterCard or a Visa gift card is the most versatile award you can offer your employees. These bank-issuing gift cards are accepted in stores, online, and other digital establishments. Therefore, employees can buy tickets to a performance, dinner, or even purchase gadgets of their choice. You can add a company or brand logo and a custom message to personalize the gift. For example, a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Great Job Done’ message can come in handy to express recognition and appreciation.


Today, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are acceptably becoming well-established options for employee awards. This is because an option to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies serves as both an award scheme and a speculative investment. Again, buying gift cards by making use of the modern cryptocurrency exchange has become quite easy. All you have to do is top up your Bitcoin gift card with your preferred value of the crypto, unlock it, and gift it to your employee. When employers buy bitcoin as a gift card, they give the gift recipients an added advantage to multiply their savings. 

Alternatively, you can choose to buy cryptocurrencies and directly gift your best employee as an incentive. It is, however, important that you get a reputable cryptocurrencies trading platform before you buy cryptocurrencies.

Multi-Brand Gift Cards

Multi-brand or multi-store gift cards are used in stores or restaurants recommended on the cards. For example, with the happy lunch gift card, an employee can enjoy a lunch out at any restaurant of their choice. On the other hand, a Happy Thanksgiving Gift Card offers the recipient open usage options like a make-up service at their preferred beauty parlor.

Interestingly, a multi-store gift card does not require any activation fee or a recipient fee. This flexibility is what makes multi-brand gift cards a convenient gifting option for employees.

Giving Good Gift Cards

Giving good gift cards sends a special message for businesses that believe in people, the planet, or handling a profit with care. Notably, 3% of each Giving Good gift card purchased is contributed to the charity recommended on the card. In addition, Giving Good gift cards are also used in stores and restaurants displayed on the card. For this reason, an employee can enjoy the benefits coming from other multi-store gift cards while the employer donates some amount to charity.

Operating/ Streaming Gift Cards

Most employees look forward to some screen time when the day’s work is over as a way of unwinding and relaxing. If your employees are having conversations about watching shows or getting an NBA alliance pass, then streaming gift cards may hit the right place. You can spend time to figure out which streaming services your employees use or introduce them to a new one. 

Amazon Gift Cards

Most stores rival the available amount of merchandise when giving choices to employees at amazon.com. They match their gift cards with their use as well. This is especially done when you are sending digitized gift cards since employers can dispatch them spontaneously.

An Amazon gift card can also be redeemed and added to your account. Therefore, it is convenient that the card value can be saved and used on the next purchase. 


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