How To Decorate a concrete wall in the basement – 7 Pro Tips

Basements are one of the most useful spaces in any home. People usually utilize them as extra space for gaming, a home library, or a laundry room.  Also, there are people who rent out the basement.If your house has a basement, then it should look as beautiful as other rooms and spaces in your house. For this, you should focus on the wall decor of it so that the area looks trending and up-to-date. 

Take a look at the amazing ideas for basement wall decor that are budget-friendly:

Paint Wall Colors Light and Neutral

Make sure to paint the concrete walls with light and neutral colors like white, beige, grey, etc., especially in the basement. If you do not want to look basement harsh, or overwhelming, then use neutral colors.

The neutral-colored walls will provide you the flexibility to decorate your basement interiors. Moreover, you can easily switch to other décor elements and furnishing items whenever you feel bored.

If your space is minimal, painting it with neutral or light colors will make it look larger. In addition, you can refer to color palettes for different color shades choices for the basement walls.

Scale Artwork to Your Wall

Apart from hanging attractive art pieces, it would be best to focus on other things too, such as scale artwork. If you display dinky art pieces too high or low on the wall, they will surely give an unpleasant or ridiculous look.

Make sure to hang the middle of wall art at eye level. Also, always scale the artwork. For instance, display an oversized piece of art on a large wall or style it with a group of smaller pieces.

They will help to create a fantastic and eye-catching gallery wall. However, always remember to keep at least 2 to 4 inches of space between these smaller art pieces. Otherwise, they will give a messy and cluttered look to a basement wall.

Storage solutions

Too much storage space is not bad; infact, it is an added advantage to have. Though the basement usually serves as a secondary space for living, you can use it for storage if you have kids.

You can avoid clutter and make interiors look more organized by following the ideas below:

  • Use Vacant or Free Space Below Stairs

The empty space below the stairs looks pretty awkward and dull. So it is best to use built-in storage space to fill that area. For example, you can install shelves to store toys, shoes, or other items there.

  • Install Cubbies

People usually install cubbies to hide or store books or art supplies. But you can also use them to hide items you do not wish others to see, such as cables, remotes, etc.

  • PVC Storage

PVC pipers are unique yet fantastic décor elements as well as storage items. They are highly durable and used to store craft supplies, wrapping sheets, etc. Moreover, you can also use them as an “industrial pipe wine rack.”

  • Customized Storage Space

Many people use the basement as a second living area to keep the space clean and tidy. Install custom built-in storage to store knick-knacks that you dislike lying around in a room. There are unlimited ideas to create storage space in the basement area. However, it would be best to be a little creative and inspirational to set up correctly.


Create Gallery Wall


You can incorporate several art pieces with different shapes, frames, sizes, patterns, and colors to create a great gallery wall. However, make sure that the theme of the art pieces should be consistent. It will have an extra impact.

By creating a gallery wall, you can let your own style and personality shine. Display the art pieces that you like the most because you are the one who will spend the time in your basement most. 

Leaning Mirror

Leaning mirrors make your basement feel brighter and more prominent. Moreover, they bring design-friendly details to the blank walls. It is very common to hang the mirrors, but try to lean them to add aesthetic appeal to the interiors.

In addition, they give a striking look to the interiors. You do not need to put more decorative accents in the basement. It is an easy and minimalist basement décor item.


Floating Shelves

The floating shelf livens up the basement area beautifully from floor to ceiling. The exposed or open shelves are a gorgeous update in any room. If you pair them with floating consoles, it will create an eye-catching focal point in the basement area.

You can decorate floating shelves with framed photos, vintage baubles, etc. They will transform the whole décor and add life to a blank wall.


Textured Wallpaper

Decorating the basement walls can be a bit intimidating and seem expensive. But you can decorate and liven up them with the help of textured wallpaper. They add a character in a room and make it look eye-catching.

Wallpaper is an affordable and accessible solution to glam up the basement walls. They can be the best option for people who often change their style or get bored quickly. They are a kind of temporary décor item that you can update with changing fashion.

Final Words

Decorating the basement walls in any home décor can be a challenging task, but can be fun and exciting. Hopefully, you can create a beautiful and inviting space that you won’t leave by following the above-mentioned ideas.


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