6 Technology Pieces To Have At Home

People are switching to smart homes with their more convenient approach to home management. Some people fully automate their houses from the reception room to every corner of their dwelling, but you don’t have to do the same. Instead, you can start by purchasing a few essentials. Here are six home technology products that you can try.

1. Smart faucets

Smart faucets would be a great addition not only to your kitchen but also to your bathroom. A sensor faucet makes use of infrared light and an infrared detector. When your hand comes close to the faucet, the detector senses the IR light reflected from your hand. Then, it commands the faucet valve to turn on. 

That’s pretty confusing, but you can imagine it to be a faucet that automatically turns on and off by sensing your hand. Such automation allows you to save water by up to 30-50%, which would be environmentally and financially beneficial. Plus, you can avoid contracting germs and bacteria since you don’t need to touch the faucet’s body. 

2. Air purifiers

With rising concerns about healthcare, air purifiers are some of the products that gained popularity in recent years. This product cleans the air using various types of technology like HEPA filtration, UV, carbon filters, and many more. It’s an excellent way to combat pet dander, dust, allergens, and even airborne viruses.

Air purifiers come in numerous forms, but one of the best options that you have is a wall-mounted air purifier. Since it can be mounted to the wall, it saves space on the ground and reduces crowding. Air purifiers are not only for those with ailments but for everyone. With the air quality degrading by the year, getting a good air purification product would be great. 

3. Automatic soap dispensers

Another way to prevent bacterial contamination inside your home is through the use of automatic soap dispensers. This works similarly to a smart faucet with its utilization of IR lights and detectors. Once your hand comes near the nozzle of the dispenser, it will release the soap inside. 

Most establishments like malls and shopping centers use these automatic soap dispensers in their comfort rooms. You can use them in your kitchen and lavatory, helping avoid cross-contamination of germs. 

4. Smart speakers

When talking about smart speakers, the most popular item is the Amazon Echo Studio, which is more famous for its AI computer program Alexa. It automatically detects the acoustics of its surroundings, making it produce the optimal sound in that area. What’s great about it is that it supports many music-streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and more. 

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The best part of a smart speaker is its ability to follow human commands. It can be connected with other smart home devices, allowing you to control its operations through your voice. Google’s Nest Smart Speakers are other competitive products under this category. 

5. Intelligent smoke detectors

Different from traditional smoke detectors, an intelligent one packs modern features like remote phone alerts, sound warnings, direction sensing, and many more. One of the top smart smoke detectors is Google’s Nest Protector. People love it for its phone connection ability and for its ability to locate where the smoke comes from. 

Since it can also detect its battery life, you can receive alerts when it’s time to change its power source, resulting in reliable smoke detection. It can even give you alerts through your smartphone when you’re away from home. A smart detector allows you to act upon the potential danger quickly, which could save lives and prevent serious damage. 

6. Spotlight cameras

When it comes to home security, a spotlight camera is recommended. Spotlight cameras have heat-sensing motion detectors that, when triggered, command the device to turn on its LED lights and start recording. This way, any kind of intruder to your property can be seen and tracked. 

The cameras are able to capture clearer videos because of the lights, allowing you to see who your uninvited visitors are. These people are likely to be scared off when seeing a motion light shining on them. Plus, most spotlight cameras can be connected with other smart home devices and smartphones.


While retrofitting your home with smart technology can be expensive, you can achieve at least four tangible benefits: convenient home management, better security, improved health, and financial savings. In the long-term outlook, investing in these smart home devices outweighs the initial expense

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