Cricket Betting Guru: Choose a Website and App for Cricket Betting in India

Cricket Betting Guru: Website for Cricket Betting Funs

In India, betting on Cricket is extremely popular, as it is not only a fun Sports discipline, but is also very common among Indian people. Therefore, you need to find a great online bookie to place amazing bets on Cricket in India. However, there are a lot of aspects that can make your Cricket betting experience worse, like a bookie not being licensed. Thankfully in India, anyone can use Cricket Betting Guru!

Cricket Betting Guru is an online website that specifies on providing all Indian players with only the best cricket betting website. Cricket Betting Guru has gained trust of millions of Indian players, as with it, tons of Indian players found an online bookie suitable for themselves. Cricket Betting Guru explains all the possible aspects when telling about online bookies for Cricket betting, like the availability of INR and Hindi, mobile application, as well as explains all deposit and withdrawal methods and bonuses. Thanks to the services of Cricket Betting Guru, you will have no problem finding a great online bookie.

Cricket Betting Sites at Cricket Betting Guru

By opening the “Betting Sites” section of Cricket Betting Guru, the website will present all Indian players with tons of online bookies available for Cricket betting in India. At the moment, the website provides top 50 various online bookies that you can use for betting, and all of them are explained in as much detail as possible. You will be able to learn about the pros and cons of online bookies, as well as see the Welcome Bonuses of online bookies and see the overall ratings of cricket betting sites in India. The “Betting Sites” section gets updated each month, as online bookies get reviewed constantly.

Mobile Apps for betting on Cricket at Cricket Betting Guru

By using Cricket Betting Guru, you will also be able to find great mobile apps that are specifically created for betting on Cricket at any place and any time. Press the “Betting Apps” button on the main page of Cricket Betting Guru, and you will be presented with top 50 best mobile apps of online bookies of India for Android and iOS mobile devices. You will also be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of these cricket betting apps, as well as be able to download them thanks to Cricket Betting Guru.

Advantages of Cricket Betting Guru

While preparing this review of Cricket Betting Guru, we have pointed out some pros and cons that the website has. They are:


Pros Cons
The online bookies are reviewed by a team of professionals Some users of Cricket Betting Guru may become confused by the wide range of information
All reviews of online bookies are constantly getting updated
Odds on Cricket are getting updated each day
Availability via the mobile browser


Odds on Cricket Betting of Cricket Betting Guru

The website of Cricket Betting Guru has a separate page named “Betting Odds”. It is created specifically for people who need as much information about betting odds as possible. Once you open the page, you will be presented with a list of top bookmakers who have the best possible odds, and you will also be able to try them out yourself.


In conclusion, we want to say that if you are searching a great online bookie for betting on Cricket, then Cricket Betting Guru is very well suitable for you, as the website does everything possible to provide you with as much Cricket betting information as possible. Start using Cricket Betting Guru and find an online bookie great for you!

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