7 Virtual Reality Gaming Accessories Every Gamer Needs

Virtual reality gaming has gotten more popular in recent years. They’ve also become more accessible and somewhat affordable. As virtual reality makes it immersive, other gaming equipment can take it to the next level.

If you’re looking for the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience, these seven accessories can help you achieve that goal.

  1. VR Stands

As you finish playing video games, you need a place to put your console controllers and headsets. Due to direct contact from the surface to sensitive spots, leaving these devices on a table or floor can make gaming equipment wear out faster. Having a virtual reality stand can ease organizing and ensure they’re away from harm.

  1. Earphones for Quality Sound

The stock headphones from virtual reality sets can be bulky and lack noise-canceling. Investing in quality VR earphones can change that.

As most come with silicone earplugs, they can fit comfortably and block out sound. Not only that, but good earphones can come with bass and high-quality sounds that a regular VR headset may not offer.

  1. VR Mats for Safety

VR mats can help prevent injuries such as hitting friends, walls, and TVs. They can help you stay within a boundary as you feel it underneath you. It also gives the advantage of being able to center yourself whenever you feel yourself going to the edge of the mat.

  1. Cable Management for Virtual Reality Gaming

For virtual reality gaming, unless you have a wireless headset, they will always be connected sensors and cameras. That’s a safety hazard.

You could trip over the wires connected to the headset as it runs across the floor and turns around in many directions. Investing in ceiling pulleys for cable management is excellent to prevent that from happening. Running cables from the headset to the ceiling is much safer.

  1. VR Guns

Shooting games are among the most popular virtual reality games. But you don’t feel any “weight” of the weapons you’re holding.

To bring more immersion to virtual reality, having gaming gear like VR guns can fulfill that. They can range from handguns to rifles. The rifles feel like you’re holding a real gun and can give you more stability when shooting.

But what do you do when you have to reload or let go of the rifle?

This rifle stock is designed with that in mind. The gun comes with magnetic controller mounts on top of your controllers. Underneath the gun is all magnetic, so you can position your hands however you like.

  1. Haptic Vests

Your controllers will vibrate when you get shot in a virtual reality game. But what if you want to feel more than that? Whether small or big, haptic vests can provide the sensation of anything hitting you in virtual reality gaming.

You wear a haptic vest like any other piece of clothing. You can feel shots hitting you from the front, back, and sides when you hop in a game. Anywhere you get hit, you will know it came from that direction.

  1. VR Treadmills

Although used mainly by arcades and other businesses due to its high cost, a VR omnidirectional “treadmill” offers the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience. The emphasis is on the “treadmill” because it’s not a treadmill. You practically slide across it with your feet.

To use a virtual reality treadmill, you set up by putting on special shoes and configuring the big device with your headset. You then hook up with the treadmill for safety. Once in a game, you can “walk” around and see how your steps and turns go along with everything smoothly.

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Virtual reality gaming can be more immersive with different accessories. VR guns paired with haptic vests can make shooters more enjoyable.

Virtual reality mats with excellent cable management mean more safety for playing around. The ultimate immersion experience can be attained with a VR treadmill.

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