Creating a Pro Game Setup: From the PC to the Lighting

Not that long ago, making money by playing games seemed like a teenager’s dream. These days, the pro gaming industry is worth over a billion dollars.

Of course, being a pro gamer isn’t all fun and… well, games. To make it at the pro level, you need to have the right PC gaming setup. That’s the only way you’ll be able to focus and immerse yourself in your game of choice.

How do you make the perfect gaming setup for you? Here’s a quick summary of all the equipment essentials you’ll need.

The PC

It all starts with your trusty gaming computer. Though there are exceptions, most of today’s biggest eSports games require a strong PC. The exact specs you should aim for will depend on your game of choice.

As a general rule, your PC should have a premium processor, graphics card, and at least 16 GB of RAM. A strong internet connection is also a must-have, especially if you’re playing shooting or fighting games.


Next, you should get the right gaming desk setup. If you’re planning on using dual monitors, you should get an L-shaped corner desk. Corner desks are a big hit with professionals due to the extra space they provide.

If you want a more traditional desk, your priority should be comfort. A good desk will support your gear while allowing you to move around easily. If you’re worried about your health, a standing desk can be a good option.

When picking your chair, look beyond appearance. A good adult gaming chair should provide posture support and muscle relief. High-quality cushioning and adjustable recline angles are also important factors.


Every gaming PC setup needs a good monitor (or two). Bigger is generally better here, and you should go no smaller than 25 inches. Your monitor should also have a high refresh rate, which lowers the input lag.

The keyboard and mouse are a matter of taste. That said, the keyboard should have high-rise keys for more precise movement. Similarly, corded mice tend to offer higher responsibility and sensitivity.

Finally, you’ll need a solid pair of noise-canceling headphones. These are particularly important for shooters, where small sound details matter a lot. Get a pair of headphones with crisp sound and a built-in mic.


Lighting can be an underrated part of gaming room setups. The right lighting can protect your eyes and create a nice atmosphere. Many pro gamers use LED lighting since it provides luminosity without overpowering the setup.

Even if you like a well-lit space, make sure it’s not too bright. Too much brightness can lead to headaches and eye issues. Also, avoid having your lighting shine directly onto the screen, as that can cause glaring.

Find the Right Gaming Setup For You

Sure, gaming like a pro takes more than a good gaming setup. That said, if you’re serious about pro gaming, you’ll need the right equipment. The above guide contains all the information you need to get started.

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