Avoid These Common Mistakes When Searching for Online Translation Services

The demand for online translation services has risen exponentially over the years. Most of the service providers operate online, so communicating with them physically might be a problem. That means you can easily make mistakes when trying to find a company you can trust. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid when searching for online translation services.

1. Not including a budget

Translation services are expensive, and some of the bigger companies have a minimum cost per word, which means you will have to pay even if your text is short. Even though some people think that it’s okay not to bother about the cost while searching for translation services, this might be detrimental in the future when you get your lawyer and accountant involved. Don’t forget to specify the cost you’re willing to pay before looking for a translation service provider.

2. Not specifying your industry

Translation services offer services that vary depending on the target audience and the language pairs. Most of them have different rates or different terms of service depending on your industry. Even some companies have different rates for different industries. For instance, companies that offer translation services in legal documents tend to charge more than the ones that offer medical or IT related stuff. You should know your industry before you get into a contract with any company so you can choose the right one.

3. Not knowing where to start looking

You might have an idea about the service you need but not know where to start. But doing some research can help you find a professional translation company that will meet your needs. Make sure to check the reviews of other customers on their website before you make any commitment or sign anything. It’s possible to find some good service providers through word of mouth. Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations from individuals who have used the same services before.

5. Not researching about the company

Before making any commitment to a translation service provider, make sure to research them thoroughly. Check their website or get in touch with their past clients to see if they have been able to provide the services the company promised. Note that you should hire a company when you’re sure that they have enough experience. Ask about the resources they have and whether they can use the same to meet your expectations.

6. Not knowing where your text will be used

In most cases, you will get a quote from different companies before choosing one to work with. Make sure that you specify whether it’s going to be used in print or online before looking for a company. You should also mention where your text will be used because some companies have different rates depending on the location. The company or group of experts should know how you intend to use the texts. That way, they’ll put in the right amount of work so that your audience will not be disappointed in their translations service online.

7. Not Reading Online Reviews

Most companies have a review option on their website, so you can see what other customers are saying about the company. Make sure to check them before making any commitment with any service provider. You need to be careful since many companies are fond of writing their own reviews ad posting them online. Thus, they can easily persuade you to hire their services, even if they can’t meet the required standard.

8. Not knowing your text size

Translation services are different because some offer fixed rates while others charge per word or per page. Some companies also provide unlimited revisions if you find something wrong with the final product. But before hiring a company, make sure to know your text size so you can avoid wasting time and money on a service that is not suitable. You should also specify whether you want them to use the same number of characters or words as in your original document.


There is a wide variety of translations service online providers on the market. But they all have a common goal, which is to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their work. To avoid wasting your time and money, make sure to ask around before choosing one to work with. You should also know where you stand financially for better decision making.



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