Do Any Online Casino Games Offer Over 100% RTP?

RTP or Return to Player is a vital concept in casino games. This remains responsible for determining the amount of money that players will win on average at the time of gambling. Most casinos games do feature lower than 100 percent RTP as casinos are required to make their money for providing various games. Only in some rare cases, people come across games that do feature more than 100 percent payback. And in this situation, they end up earning assured profits in the long run.

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Which casino games feature over 100 percent payback?

A casino does not love to give players a chance to win assured money. In place of that, it wants a little edge so that it guarantees profits. Due to this reason, nearly all the games, as well as bets, feature a house advantage. Some variations of video poker propose more than 100 percent Return to Player and that too with ideal strategies. A player can play Blackjack with a 100 percent or more RTP if he counts cards.

Hunting for the best Return to Player Percentage

Hunting for casinos and particular games that have the best RTP can turn out to be a tricky process. But, you will find lots of information online and they will help you in getting in the appropriate direction. 

The fortunate thing is there are some fundamental guidelines that players can always follow for discovering the highest RTP. Commonly, games that have higher denominations always possess a higher RTP compared to a lower-end game. It happens as casinos can afford to take smaller pieces of a bigger pie. When you manage to find games that have the highest RTP then you will be able to make your casino session more enjoyable. 

The actual casino game session Return to Player

When players begin to play an online casino game they need to be mindful that they will experience losing and winning outcomes. Those outcomes will affect the payout percentage that players have achieved in that session. While playing slot online, players will certainly experience winning spins and losing spins on that slot. Every spin that they will play off would augment their payout percentage when that spin emerges as the winning one. 

This suggests that it is ideally feasible when players have got a series of winning results on that particular slot game then their actual payout percentage will become higher than 100 percent. However, players must remain aware that its opposite is also possible and in this condition, their payout percentage can become down to a very little amount and it will be lower than the 96 percent payout percentage.

For taking benefits of your achieved payout percentage, you must stop playing when your game playing session exceeds 100 percent. You must also cash out your winning amount at a time when you are winning. You might experience several winning sessions playing only one slot game. While playing a progressive slot game if you become successful in winning the progressive jackpot then your payout percentage on that particular game would be massive as long as you do not spend a fortune attempting to win that jackpot.

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