Experience the Charm of Lisbon: Best Neighborhoods for Digital Nomads

In recent times, the proportion of digital nomads has continued to rise around the globe. Numerous individuals of varying ages and origins have changed their lifestyles due to remote working, readily available internet, and affordable travel. The digital nomad culture has been gradually expanding throughout Europe.

In this regard, Portugal’s capital Lisbon is the favorite of many digital nomads. It is a desirable location for both short-term and long-term visitors and snowbirds. Lisbon also has a thriving digital nomad population. Most of them adore Lisbon because it offers quick access to everything they desire while also allowing them to save some cash. 

This blog post will brief you about the charms and the low-cost of furnished apartments Lisbon offers. So, keep reading to get the much-needed information.

Does Lisbon Suit Digital Nomads?

Portugal has significantly improved its electronic infrastructure by boosting their internet bandwidth and enhancing signals everywhere to draw more digital migrants to their shores. Lisbon is among Europe’s most alluring locations for digital nomads due to its low costs.

Lisbon will undoubtedly provide you with a decent Internet connection, a reasonable living cost, and a fantastic community of entrepreneurs and remote workers if you decide to make it your home away from home.

Does Lisbon Require a Digital Nomad Visa?

You might or might not have to get a Digital Nomad Visa based on your current location. The freedom to move about and dwell in any other European Union state enjoyed by European nationals and residents of the Schengen region means they are not required to have an average income to get a job in Lisbon.

A Digital Nomad Visa is necessary for distant employees from countries outside the European Union who want to remain in Lisbon. Candidates must demonstrate that they make at least four times the minimum salary in Portugal to be considered. You can file for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa. 

There are two freelancer choices: You can get a 12-month passport and conduct online work from any location in Portugal. Another option is a residency visa that allows for an extended stay of five years. Both choices are fantastic ways to briefly or permanently experience nomadism and warm summers.

Lisbon Internet Speed

You must first obtain your NIF tax number just after landing in Lisbon. You can purchase a SIM card from carriers like Vodafone, MEO, or NOS. Most companies offer straightforward top-up options that give you access to a predetermined number of calls, texts, and the internet.

Lisbon’s Best Neighborhoods for Digital Nomads

Even if your residence is only transient, you still want to ensure it is in the ideal location for your requirements. Additionally, there is always something to see and discover in Lisbon thanks to its 24 districts, whether it’s prime or slack season.

We have researched for you to select your perfect nomadic base, wherever you would like to reside:


This bustling and more expensive than the average district is in the heart of Lisbon. If you want to experience the hubbub of town and have a larger income, this location is excellent.

Principe Real 

It is Lisbon’s most affluent and posh neighborhood. This could be the spot you’d like to reside if you have an unlimited budget. There are numerous retail stores, coffee houses, craft stores, and brand dealers in Principe Real. If you are passing through, take the time to explore Jardim de Principe Real, the region’s well-known park. It serves as the hub of the neighborhood and is the site of a centennial cypress oak.


Located far from Lisbon, this more expensive alternative provides sand coastlines, coastal living, and a beautiful, hospitable neighborhood. It’s for people who enjoy nature and tranquil seashore walks but want to reside near the city.


This area of west Lisbon has a lot of sightseeing opportunities. Still, it’s also a wonderful location for individuals of the remote working group who want to live away from the city center. It’s perfect if you want a less congested living environment with loads of greenery.


Lisbon’s most historic neighborhood will win you over with its historical structures, many cafés, and tourist attractions. Many residents, which also include children, call it their homes. It might be the perfect location if you are okay with crowded areas and winding streets. For any digital person and anyone traveling to Portugal, the oldest district in Lisbon is a must-go place.

Parque das Naçes

Parque das Naçes may provide a pleasant middle at a fair cost if residing in downtown Lisbon becomes too hectic for you. Parque das Naçes offers contemporary architecture, numerous open spaces, and many dining and retail options, although you may not discover an intimate neighborhood here.


After reading this article, you would probably concur that Lisbon is one of the few places that successfully combines technology and history. Lisbon is ideal for digital nomads looking for a special experience because of its charming cobblestone streets, historical landmarks, lively arts scene, and digitalization.

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