What are the red flags that you should avoid while styling your hair?

For women who loves to stay in style and walk with the trend, Hairstyling is more of a hobby. Some of us have honed the skill well, and love to style our mane right at the comfort of our home instead of going heavy on the pocket with the salons. With easy availability of Hair Styler tools, we resort to styling almost everyday and in the process, sometimes forget to take proper care. Chances are some of the steps you are following are actually harming your hair more than you can think.

Let’s put light on some of the common styling mistakes that should be avoided in order to maintain a healthy hair:

1. Never forget your hair protectant


Just as moisturizing your face is a mandatory pre-makeup step, using a heat protectant right before you use a Hair Styler to style your hair is equally important. The extreme heat of the sun, the pollution and excessive hair styling may damage the hair cuticles and also fade away colored hair fast. Before you put on that hair styling tool, make sure to use a heat protectant that act as a protective shield on the hair warding off damage from heat or pollutants.

2. Keep the heat at medium

Yes, heat does add more texture to your styled hair, but this does not imply that you would always choose the highest heat setting of a hair dryer or hair straightener. Putting excess heat on the cuticles makes it brittle and damages it, thereby making it prone to further breakage. Also, too much heat can break down the natural moisture in your hair that imparts a shiny look. To avoid this, make sure your hair has completely dried prior to styling it with a curling or flat iron. Preferably keep the heat at medium. Try air-dry more often than switching to blow dry.

3. Beware of friction and frizz

You should reconsider your daily hair care practices if you find yourself in a constant struggle with frizz and friction. Use a towel that absorbs maximum water without dragging the hair that leads to friction and consequentially frizz. You might have noticed excessive frizz in your hair after waking up in the morning. Resorting to a satin pillowcase might solve the problem to a few extent. Use detangling hair brush when styling for a smooth experience. Style only when it’s frizz free so that the tool works smoothly and leaves a better hair.

4. Invest in good hair styling tools

We love styling our hair and giving it the desired look, especially when one can achieve it right at home. Therefore, you have to be smart while picking the right hair styling tool for your hair. Get the ones with adjustable temperature setting so that you can always select temperature as per your hair type and protect your mane from overheat. For hair dryers, pick the one with attachments like nozzle and diffuser that distributes heat uniformly. Pick the Hair Stylers with ceramic coating and anti-scald technology that evenly disperses heat.

You don’t have to go off the budget in order to get these Hair stylers. Vega’s smart hair stylers does the job of imparting salon-like results with its advanced technology. Also, it comes in an unbelievable price range so that you don’t have to go hard on your pocket or step out every other day to the parlor for styling your hair. Following the above rules would not only help in protecting your hair, but would also help in strengthening the hair in the long run causing less hair fall. Choose your hair care appliances wisely and style your way.


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