Getting staffs with OSRS gold.

OSRS – Should You Get the Eldritch Nightmare Staff?

Is getting the Eldritch Nightmare Staff really worth the grind?

OSRS isn’t short of weapons to offer you in the game. That said, you should be wary of what you spend your OSRS GP on when it comes to weapons. You could end up investing your hard earned OSRS gold and time into something that may not be worth it to you. The Eldritch Nightmare Staff in this case does have its uses, but is it worth the investment that you have to make?

About the Eldritch Nightmare Staff

In OSRS, the Eldritch Nightmare Staff is made when connecting an Eldritch Orb to a Nightmare Staff. If you wish to wield it, then you will need to have reached level 75 magic, as well as level 50 hit points. It isn’t available for trading, but you can always switch it back to its normal state to then trade it if you like. It is capable of auto-casting both ancient magicks and offensive standard spells too. Be sure not to perish in the Wilderness either, as you will lose your staff to whoever killed you.

The Special Attack: Invocate

The staff’s special attack is known as Invocate. It is capable of consuming 55% of your special attack energy so that you hit the target with hefty damage. This will also restore half of your prayer points according to the damage that has been inflicted. With the use of Invocate, you can increase your prayer points above what your level is, going all the way up to 120 in total. You won’t have runes consumed with the attack, and it will restore your prayer even if your enemy has lower health.

Even if they have immunity to these kinds of weapons, you will still see your prayer being restored. What’s more, if your killing blow is through Invocate and the health of the target is virtually depleted, it will be based on what the damage would have been, not what’s remaining in their health.

To increase the base damage of Invocate, you’ll want to work on your magic level. The reason for this is down to the damage scaling to your magic level. At level 75 you’ll have 39 damage, going up to 50 at level 99. If you’ve managed to find or get OSRS items for sale that can increase the damage of your magic, then these stats will start increasing. After you’ve hit level 99, your max hit is 60. There is a slight increase to 67 when you’re using either a black mask or slayer helmet whilst you’re on a slayer task.

What Is It Used For?

This is a key question to answer. You don’t want to go down the route of finding OSRS gold for sale if the weapon is going to be of no use to you. With that said, before you do buy OSRS gold, it would be good to have a heads up of what to expect.

With the Eldritch Nightmare Staff, you can train with its special attack that we discussed earlier. The great thing about this is that it can cut down your prayer usage over time dramatically. A trait like this can be very useful in the likes of slayer tasks if protection prayers are needed. It won’t be able to restore health like some other weapons can, but it is certainly handy for your prayer stats. Even during the fight with The Nightmare Staff itself you’ll be finding use for it, as the staff does a lot of magic damage to it. Meanwhile, you can use it to good effect if you are at the Inferno, especially if you want to save the supplies that you have.

Players that are looking for better magic attack bonuses might be better looking elsewhere though. The Toxic Staff of the Dead and Trident of The Swamp are both good for magic attack bonuses, as is the Kodai Wand as well. There’s pros and cons to the staff in question, but it could be considered worth it.

That being said, getting the Eldritch Orb is no easy task, and you will be relying on rare drops if you’re to make this staff. There is going to be a lot of investment to do on your part here. Should you decide to purchase some gold, then go for a source of trusted OSRS gold. Some may consider this to be a necessary evil for some players, especially since you’re going to have to really grind to get it.

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